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To know if or how I can serve your group/organization with my message, please answer in as much detail as you can.  I will craft a tailored "pitch" proposal based on your details and if needed we can arrange a call for further steps. 

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What presentation type are you exploring my message for your event? 


KEYNOTE: I am the sole presenter - the "big message" of the event (45 - 60 minutes)


PANELIST: I am part of a group of speakers - a collection of shorter presentations or part of a panel of experts with a moderator (45-60 minutes)


SEMINAR/PEP-TALK: I am the sole presenter - a short "high impact" message (20 - 30 minutes)


WORKSHOP: I am your "teacher" in a presentation where participants work through your concepts. (45-90 minutes)


EMCEE OR MODERATOR: I am leading the discussion for a panel or are the featured host of the event (time varies)

Question 2 of 10

These are my popular presentation topics. Where you interested in one of these are a more tailored topic?


Personal Branding for Entrepreneurship & Leadership Excellence


Purpose & Values for Maximum Confidence and Fulfillment


Personal Growth Habits & Foundations (special expertise in confidence-transforming journalling)


Customer Service Excellence That Helps You Stand Out From The Competition


I have a different need/idea for my group/organization. (All good! Be sure to share what you're thinking in the next question.)

Question 3 of 10

What is the AIM of your event? What do you want your participants to LEARN to overcome, conquer or move beyond?

Question 4 of 10

What about my work or message resonates with the AIM of your event? Why me?

Question 5 of 10

Tell about your audience.  Who will be attending and listening to my presentation? Include:

- # of projected participants/audience size

- gender mix/diversity

- age and/or stage of life

- industry/workplace hierarchy

- any audience details

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What would you want your audience to LEARN & FEEL after my presentation?

Question 7 of 10

When is your event? (Month and year is perfectly fine if you are planning in advance) Where are you holding the event?

Question 8 of 10

I am able to deliver both virtual and in-person experiences.

Please acknowledge that in-person experiences have an added cost for travel and accommodations, where applicable.


Yes! Got it! I was thinking VIRTUAL.


Understood. I was thinking IN-PERSON. Please details to have you on location.

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What is your budget for my presentation at your event? (This helps me tailor the content length and if we have a fit to work together.) If you have to submit for approval, what is your typical past budget?

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Your VIRTUAL Business Card.

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