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Time For Transformation

Get lightening fast image, style and confidence results with my mentorship.


in the powerful connection between how you see and value yourself in the mirror and the mindset needed to create success and impact in others.

If you’ve got a dream,

to make a difference in the lives of others and experience true fulfillment of authentically leading by example for your:

  • business
  • career
  • team
  • family
  • cause or community

Commit to growth

and to rediscovering your truest self, aligning it with your confidence mindset and then presenting yourself so that you own who are becoming and are seen as the woman full of certainly in her gifts, talents, message and meaningful purpose.


My transformational mentorship creates personal brand image, style and confidence mindset breakthroughs inside of 6 weeks. These breakthrough change careers, businesses, organizations, teams and relationships.

Create a strategic personal brand image and expressive, magnetic style for influential visibility that gets you seen & chosen.

My exclusive Hue and Style® image confidence workshop & mentorship program empowers you to finally leave flimsy fashion tips and trend obsessions behind and, instead helps you create a total personal brand expression with your appearance and communication styles, based in packaged goods marketing strategy.

It reflects a newly refreshed, powerfully confident self so you can use that magic to love yourself more, be visible to your audience, create motivation for your goals, claim opportunities and impact others.  

Seize the opportunity to:

  • Learn the only process in the world for combining a proven process to supercharge your visibility to your ideal audience using strategic marketing concepts, exclusive Hue and Style® color psychology and values-based personal style presence.
  • NEVER be overlooked, passed-by or insecure to promote yourself or your ideas AGAIN - on or off-line, at the grocery store or at a high-pressure meeting.
  • Define a style of dressing that mirrors a newly defined personal brand “style for your life” and then step out to be seen, noticed, considered and chosen for your next success. All so you can connect with and attract the people you change and claim opportunities that create a life of joy and fulfillment.
  • Have the skills to know exactly what to wear, to stand out as an expert with presence knowing that every detail you've never known mattered to communicating your most authentic self is "on-point."
  • Have the tools to create, maintain, manage a powerfully authentic personal brand message in-person, online, in a meeting or passing your business card.
  • Leave aimless, frustrating shopping behind and never again wonder "what to wear" or "am I coming across the right way" because you ALWAYS look appropriate, approachable and relatable - the key to connecting and attracting others.
  • Enjoy being an example of your highest confidence to others bolstered by a Sisterhood community of like-minded women ready to support your next level of success.
If you are growth-focused and purpose-driven, the Hue and Style® image-confidence transformation is for you.

Work with me

as your personal brand, image-confidence expert & mentor.



after any transition.

"You don’t know how much power you have given me to continue on."

"I love you for who you are and what you bring to the table."

"Your knowledge is incredible."

"As a servant leader I need someone to feed into me."

~ Pep E., Wealth Advisor, Maryland, USA



every day you get dressed.

"I feel empowered that everything is easy.'

"I know how to put things together."

"I feel empowered to appear every day I walk out of the house."

"I'm ready for the compliments...and it feels really good."

"People want to work with you because of the presence you're creating."

"I feel ready to rock and do what I need to do in the world."

~ Stephanie D., Lawyer & Mediator, Alberta, Canada




free, fulfilled and powerful.

"I cleared out 15 bags of clothes and I'm stepping into the new me.

"I'm honoring the person I was but also excited to evolve."

"I feel amazing."

"I feel more confident and ready to speak my mind.

"I feel like I matter. I feel alive now. Before, I was hiding in plain sight."

"This process has been indescribable."

~ Ebony C., Financial Advisor, California, USA



Let's Jump In!

"I take mentorship clients only 3 times per year. Don't wait on your opportunity to work with me and belong to a lifelong Sisterhood of mentorship and support."


In our first session, my focused aim is to hear your goals, dreams and aims for your next success!

  • I will share how your image-confidence can enhance your visibility, marketing, sales approach or leadership presence.
  • If we have a "fit," and you would like me to help you, I will share with you how everything works to get you started!

"When I joined the inner-circle, I embraced the journey to my true self. In the process, I learned to be still and quiet, to walk my walk confidently, to be decisive and assertive without apologies and turn my days into new opportunities knowing that I look, feel and can deliver my message powerfully. Now, I live my purpose and create my legacy by giving permission to myself and others to become what they are meant to be. Thank you, Michele, for being such an amazing human and mentor and for sharing your gift with me."

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna
Transformational Coach & Speaker

The 45 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

My Image-Confidence Breakthrough Session is the first way I serve you.   

It's a FREE one-on-one call session when you know you're ready to step into your PERSONAL BRAND IMAGE, AUTHENTIC STYLE, AND UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE. These call are transformative by themselves. This first session is FREE.