Dress for More Confidence and Productivity [PODCAST]

This episode was actually a live broadcast that goes down as the one I am MOST proud of.⁣ (You can watch it above or listen below.)

My intention was to share how to be more productive and confident starting with how you get dressed. It turned into something more.⁣

It turned emotional - not for myself but for hope for you - about who you are becoming, what potential you have to create greatness and the reach you can have to use yourself for good when you start by honoring yourself first.⁣

My eyes may have gotten a little wet. They may have leaked a little on camera. I’m ok with that. “In tears, there’s truth” another MCG’ism. I just shared mine.⁣

I shared why dressing is more than pieces and how to make dressing an exercise in boosting self-acceptance and momentum for productive, meaningful work (no matter the times we’re in).
And if you're ready to explore your own image-confidence journey with me as your mentor, take your next step. Learn how to work with me - CLICK HERE.

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