Dressing For The Soul With Women's Cooperative Co. | Podcast Interview

Connecting with other women spreading the message of what creates confidence is my JAM! This week, I am the featured guest on The Women's Cooperative Company podcast with hostesses Ashleigh and Tabitha.
We had lively (I got a little more than passionate🔥) and deep conversation about how I came to do my work that I see as a calling and why I’m on a mission to help women break-free from standard “style ideas” to connect their soul with how they present themselves and live their purpose brightly!
I loved these, Gals. They summed up the episode perfectly: "This show isn't just about our outer fashion style, but also our inner soul development.
Tune in and see if you can take away a few nuggets for yourself!

The day after the podcast launched, Ashleigh published a beautiful blog about her revelations after our podcast together.  She's let me know that "I changed her life". Read about what she came to learn about her own personal growth journey from our podcast recording session. 

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