How To 

Make Your Confidence Explode Into Something Magic

(that will end up changing how you live, work and love in your life.)



Does this sound like you?
  • You feel stuck, uncertain, or unfulfilled.
  • You struggle to connect with new people or let go of old ones.
  • You resist asking for what you need and want with assertiveness.
  • You put the needs of others ahead of your own at the expense of your own self-care.
  • You compare yourself with other women, not able to see your own gifts, talents and purpose.
  • You feel isolated and alone even if it seems like you have many people around you.
  • You secretly worry about being judged or overlooked by others and have no clue how to release that pressure.

Lady, you are not alone.

I have a story for you.

I'm Michele.

(Yes, with one 'L')
I'm a strategic marketing consultant, sales trainer and business coach turned Certified Image Consultant, Personal Brand Marketing Expert, and International Confidence Mentor— all big titles.

I'm an award-winning entrepreneur who helps women see themselves for who they are becoming. I've built a dream online business showing everyday women, whether it be to 'dress in confidence' or to develop tools to create renewed self-love. For all of this, I use my one-of-a-kind Hue and Style® programs — all big accomplishments.

But between all of the titles and accomplishments, I was a burnt-out overwhelmed, over-achiever who tried to be perfect at every role - wife, mom, entrepreneur, community leader - all at the same time - and I failed.

I failed hard.

I failed right into a depression.

I call it "The Sad Times."


I had disconnected from myself - the 'me' beyond my titles and achievements.

I had crushed myself under the burden of perfectionism to be a wife, mom and public figure.

I had no idea anymore what brought ME joy - the kind that made me feel alive and on purpose.

I had lost my ability to make decisions and be assertive about them even though I looked like the most confident woman in the room.

I had made my responsibilities into obligations, and I was drained, grouchy, and stuck in people-pleasing.

... and worst of all, I felt isolated from my family, and worried I wasn't doing any of my roles - wife, mom, mentor - right.


You can too.


I'm here to help you to step into your new phase of personal growth with a different approach to finding inner happiness. I've personally coached 1000s of women through my frameworks. Even if you get a few of the tools or processes I teach to stick, it will be life-changing.

I can tell you with 20+ years of experience creating breakthrough results in everyday women like you, I have the place for you to start.

Welcome to MAGIC CONFIDENCE with Michele

In Magic Confidence you will learn to: 
  • REVEAL the limiting beliefs that are affecting your self-belief, relationships, business and career.

  • DEFINE a powerfully clear picture of your meaningful purpose, a reason to do what you do, no matter what role you play.

  • IGNITE new motivation for your goals with your truest gifts and talents.

  • BUILD trust in yourself to make the right decision for yourself in any area of your life.

  • CREATE boundaries that will actually hold in your and work life.

  • ENERGIZE relationships that feel your authentic self and support your growth.

  • EMBRACE your voice based on your most current values and teaches others how to treat you.

  • TRANSFORM the need to be approved by others into the ability to validate yourself - where joy lives.

  • CREATE a daily confidence-renewing practice that will help any of your new mindsets and behaviours stick.

  • LOVE becoming an example to those you influence (your kids, your team, your community) teaching them how to manage and grow in their confidence - a priceless gift. 


  • You procrastinate "putting yourself out there."
  • You wish to express yourself authentically and actually get results from being you consistently.
  • You want to be accepted by others and the though of being left out or getting criticism freaks you out.
  • You worry coming across as “too much” and making others feel small when you do share you wins.
  • You sometimes experience guilt if you take time for yourself before you give to others, and
  • You shrink at the though of letting others down if you don’t do what you’re always done for them or what they’ve expected from you.
  • You are ready and excited to recover from a change owning your next stage of growth and personal power by rediscovering yourself.

Lady, if you KNOW you are on the edge of change, and you are ready to believe in what the "you" filled with Magic Confidence can do, then leap! Because when you invest in yourself, you will receive all the Magic Confidence program has to offer: 


An evenly-paced, 5-module personal development experience to guide you on how to create a tailored, sustainable confidence-building daily practice in less than 5 weeks.

Valued at $900


Rediscovering Yourself

Learn how to connect your true self with the life you want to live. Find out how to honor your unique spark every day, which is the basis for your first confidence breakthrough in the program — even if you don't remember who you are or it's buried deep inside from life's transitions.

Valued at $180


Discovering Your Reason For Doing

Learn Michele's unique & fundamental perspective needed to direct your life with intention so you can finally live with purpose no matter what your role, job, career, or position. Find out how to develop your own definition of success and find ease in living through purpose; even if you think the tasks you do ever day are meaningless or you feel totally overwhelmed with everything on your plate.

Valued at $180

Learning To Honor Yourself Before Others

Learn to create boundaries that honor your self and your new-found idea of purpose. Find out how to develop a self-care discipline that gives you space to choose what is right for you every day - even if you think you are at the whim of everyone and everything else and can't ask for what you need.

Valued at $180

Connecting With Others For Growth

Michele's Favorite Lesson! Learn the characteristics of the kind of supportive relationships that truly fuel you motivation to create your personal definition of success. Find out why not all "friends" are created equally for your growth. Finally, learn a priceless framework to manage the relationships in your life without the guilt or the people-pleasing burden.

Valued at $180

Maintaining Magic Confidence for Joy and Success

Learn how to maintain a daily Magic Confidence practice for sustainable growth based on your new principles. Walkthrough creating a personal confidence roadmap that taps you into the best of yourself every day for accelerated results - even if you think you have no time to implement it, it's too complicated, or you've tried something else before, and it didn't work.

Valued at $180


MAGIC CONFIDENCE is your step forward.

After 20+ years helping women build their confidence, I know that here is a very defined process for moving past all of that overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, that keeps you stuck. You CAN do it when you have 3 things:

  • A process that uncovers and teaches you the keys to lasting confidence (offering you the reason why you haven't made other things you've tried stick).
  • A set of tools that you will personalize to create strong new confidence habits (instead of the high-level "good-ideas-to-try").
  • An urgency to grow mixed with an excited curiosity to learn about yourself (because that is what it takes beyond any thing that will "fix" you).

I can help you with the first 2, the last one is up to you!

Ok, I can also help you by including amazing BONUSES!

"In just 7 days, I have noticed an overall sense of GRATITUDE!! I love that the process isn't complicated. When I take the time everyday to be intentional about being grateful I realize I have SO much to be thankful for. This has lifted my mindset immensely! It's simple, but powerful. "

Delaina P.
Educator & Confidence Coach for Kids



A 70-page downloadable, print-in-color journal made up of project worksheets, exercise pages, and results-producing, defined journal prompts accompanied by Michele's original and inspiring color-filled artwork celebrating the beautiful potential in all women.

Valued at $120


Super private course comments area off of social media to share project insights plus have a deeper connection to Michele's wider online communities.

Valued at $120


A defined process for turning the awareness of needing personal development into a daily confidence-building practice as you meet like-minded women along the way.


"My mindset is more focused than ever. The journal keeps me coming back and staying aligned, which in turn, has changed my behaviour to one of focus and not scattered."

Elizabeth S.
Artist & Doodle Therapy Entrepreneur

I WANT IN, Michele!

"Reflection time is so crucial in this hurry up, instantaneous time with technology. I like that Michele's process allows quiet for balance! I am kinder to myself. "

Rowena E.
Financial Services Executive

Here's What Your Get Inside MAGIC CONFIDENCE

If you're on the fence about your decision, let's get you out of indecision and toward your first step to renewed and magic confidence. You're getting:

Lifetime access to the Magic Confidence 5-module process

(Valued at $900)

Tried, tested, and then tested again with women just like you. This curriculum includes audio training and materials that you can re-visit. Plus, you'll receive access to any updates or additions.


Beautifully inspiring course journal & workbook

(Valued at $120)

Download and print your 70-page personal journal/workbook full of Michele's color-filled original artwork, worksheets, exercises, and notes pages. Your journal will be a workbook and course guide with materials you can use over and over for more clarity and realignment.

Sensationally simple confidence-building lesson and private peer support area

(Valued at $120)

Full of Michele's love for efficiency, her how-to lessons come with meaty concrete solutions delivered with her signature encouraging and enthusiastic delivery paced for your success, plus inside a super private support area.

You get over $1100 in value right there.


USD and CAD offers available

Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Confidence is a proven method to transform your mindset and reduce overwhelm in your life.

Not only do I use this framework myself, and have for the last 20 years of my career, I've taught extensions of this framework to my high-performing sales team, my customer service teams, to my inner circle mentorship clients, and to countless women in my communities on and off-line.

I am known for saying, "I drink my own Kool-aid." I practice these tools whenever I get stuck, overwhelmed, in doubt, or stuck in comparison.

I teach what I do because I know it works if you apply it.

Unlike other programs, MC takes the guesswork out of what works and what doesn't for confidence-building personal development. Its teachings are not linked to a business, a career path, or a role. It's solely focused on, you - the person who create success in any of those areas. It gives you the certainty to know you can stay in alignment no matter what decision you need to make.

I give you the details to make the difference in your results. How do I know they create results? I've coached thousands over my career and each one of the women who has followed my framework has had success in her desired area of personal confidence improvement. It all starts with the very first module.

MC is the baby-sister to my personal image-confidence mentorship program. They are siblings in the same family but are individuals in their own right.

My extended, signature mentorship programs are the bullet-train to breakthroughs in image, confidence, personal branding, style, leadership presence, life design and goal achievement - wrapping together an outer communication of what you will start to discover on the inside with MC.

MC is a short, powerful self-paced course for every woman who needs a place to begin a new personal confidence definition with tools.

MC will start you on the path to know if you need more or deeper mentorship. We can talk abut that later if we need to but MC will give you tools to begin loving the woman you are right now.

Magic Confidence will help you grow your confidence even if you don't have a business or a "big job." The program is designed to walk you - the woman - through a confidence process not cater to your role. Entrepreneurs can do it. Professionals can do. Leaders can do it. Moms can do it. Teens can do it. Anyone can do it. Its principles are for who you are, not what you do.

To get the most out of the course, you only need to give yourself permission to grow and see value in yourself to commit to the time it takes to learn and practice.

I suggest committing 30 minutes weekly to spend with each lesson and then 7-10 minutes daily to integrate what you've learned. Done this way, it will take you about 30 days to complete, but remember Magic Confidence is self-directed. You can take your time to complete each module at your own pace - as fast or as slowly as you need - to develop your new understanding and habits.

As with any personal development, what you put in, you will get out exponentially.

No, while I primarily work with women, the MC method can help any individual desiring to dive deep into their confidence journey and develop a practice.

I have both USD and CAD. I have placed a link on the checkout page inside the Terms section offering a converted price allowing you to pay in CAD, if you prefer.

I want you to feel good about your choice to invest in yourself with my program.

I've spent 20+ years as an excellence-driven professional in sales and service. I've crafted an experience for you that I am proud of. It's my only aim that you get the outcomes I present in a way that is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Because of the digital and self-directed nature of the program and the individual personal development work required results, there are no refunds offered on this opportunity.

I am incredibly confident in my craft to know if you say "yes," you won't find you need one. Please be sure you are ready to dive in and experience what I have crafted for you from my experience, expertise, and my heart.

Any inquiries before you purchase can be sent to [email protected].

OK! Got It! I'm in, Michele!


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