That Changes Your Life

Now it's more important than ever to reclaim and super-charge the best expression of your Self.

Your world needs your absolute best.

Seriously, the world is loud and crazy right now.

I know it.  We all feel it.  If there is one thing we DON'T have right now, it's certainty in anything outside ourselves. Guess what!

There is actually a massive opportunity for you at this moment!

Redefinition of your self, what you see in yourself, who you are and who you will become after uncertainty fades is a hidden super power.

If you take the time to recapture a crystal clear definition of your purpose, your meaningful work, your most supportive relationships and your vision to help others, you will emerge from ANY change with more momentum and joy than you can imagine.

I've been there before so I know.

When I was 23 years old, my Dad passed away.  I was running our family business all on my own and I had to make some pretty grown up decisions in the time after his passing.

The one thing I did (but took for granted for a long time) was I developed a way to shift how I saw MYSELF in the change.  It was a process of self-discovery I would use over and over again throughout relationship hurts, grief, depression, and to relieve the pressure I feel as a self-described "Type-A-In-Recovery."

My discovery process led me to become a published author, an award-winning confidence mentor, a 6-figure online business owner and an authentic leader to the women I serve.

After I realized the key to my success, I stopped taking it for granted and instead started teaching it to my clients.

They not only changed how they spoke to themselves, they changed how they shared themselves with everyone around them. Giving them the biggest wins and joys of their lives.

Wow. It chokes me up every time I think of their successes.

Imagine seeing yourself as a woman with a deeply meaningful contribution and being ready to stand out for it. 

I know that, right now, you have so much to offer the world but...

maybe you don't have a way to reveal, honor and accept what is so beautiful about you on the inside so it can be turned into a purpose-driven superpower.

Plus, I know you're bombarded with all the self-care talk on the Internet, celebrities, friends, family and everyone with an opinion on how you need to refresh yourself.

You ask yourself, "Should I buy another book? Should I make a vision board? Should I go to a conference or read Instagram? What do I do after I get all the inspiration about growing myself?"

you're overwhelmed.

It's paralyzing and with everything else going on, choosing a journey to take seems like the very last thing that is important.

But, Lady,

when you see what you can unlock in yourself, surrender to a simple, proven process; you'll feel something spectacular - your actual Self - true, deep, amazing and the seed of a life more uplifting than ever.

Here's how you get there...


is an online course and personal growth experience created for those who want learn and begin to create a daily practice that renews their confidence. I  believe and teach that women change the world with new confidence. All they need to begin is a mindset shift, a nurturing process and simple repeatable strategies to get there.

You're not looking for every answer right now, you just want YOUR answer.

You want to feel safe, satisfied and certain that the best version of your self, is right under the surface. You are ready to:

  • Rediscover the gifts and talents that make anything you choose to do meaningful.
  • Connect and attract people who see and appreciate the real you.
  • Lead those in your circles with more ease and authenticity.
  • Release the overwhelm and guilt  of looking after everyone else's needs.
  • Live and work with purpose and make a difference to the people around you.
  • Finally build the heart-warming relationships that support your growth.
  • Actually enjoy transitions in your life, no matter how up or down, knowing you have the skills to navigate any change with bold assurance in your decisions.

You're ready to take your inspiration and turn it into confident action.

Here's what happens when you activate Magic Confidence

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Delaina P.

In just 7 days, I noticed an overall sense of GRATITUDE!!  I love that the process isn't complicated. This has lifted my mindset immensely! It's simple, but powerful. 

Marwayne, Alberta, Canada

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Elizabeth S.

My mindset is more focused than ever. The journal keeps me coming back and staying aligned, which in turn, has changed my behaviour to one of focus and not scattered.

Oriskany, New York, USA

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MAGIC CONFIDENCE isn't just being inspired.

It's an uncommonly simple yet powerful action strategy that makes change happen from the inside.
Here's what I teach you in this hands-on, heart-led personal growth redefinition project:



✱ The difference between regular confidence and "magic confidence"

✱ The best way to connect your true self with the life you want to live.

✱ An easy way to redefine your unique spark.


✱ My completely unique way of finding and articulating your purpose.

✱ Why you need to develop a clear definition of success and how to do fast.

✱ How to never feel overwhelmed with everything on your plate.


✱ The guilt-proof way to create boundaries that honor your self and your new-found idea of purpose.

✱ A valuable process to develop a self-care discipline that gives you space to choose what is right for you every day.

MODULE 4 Michele's Favorite Lesson! 

✱ The little-known, but most important characteristics of truly supportive relationships

✱ Why not all "friends" are created equally for your growth. 

✱ The priceless framework to manage the relationships in your life without the guilt or the people-pleasing burden.


✱ How to maintain a daily Magic Confidence practice for sustainable growth based on your new principles.

✱ How to create a personal confidence roadmap that is guaranteed to bring new results.

MAGIC CONFIDENCE is your solution.

Including all the lessons and tools you need to design a daily confidence-renewing routine.

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When you sign up for Magic Confidence today, I'm gifting you my full-color, 70-page, printable journal & workbook for FREE! You even have a chance to WIN a fully-printed, signed copy from me, shipped to you for free! All you need to do is enrol to be entered!


I'm Michele, your new Confidence Coach.

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Hi! I'm Michele Charles Gustafson. After more than 22 years working with women, I've used my background as a strategic marketing consultant and award-winning business coach to create a "confidence for life"  platform where I help women master the image-confidence-success connection as a Certified Image Consultant, International Confidence Coach and creator of Hue and Style®.

I design winning processes and programs that help personal-growth focused change-makers reclaim their confidence in their self-worth, unique message, and true purpose. Step-by-step my participants and elite clients learn to uncover their inner “magic confidence” and align it with a magnetic image presence; all so they can make a greater impact on others.

I bring a charismatic results-driven approach to transforming your idea of "living your best life" and presenting yourself to the world, showing how the combination of a self-discovery process along with image and personal brand marketing principles can fuel accelerated momentum to your goals that leave a legacy.

Imagine what happens when you spark new confidence with my proven process.


  • You know you have something big to do on the planet. You just need to get clear about how you use the beauty of your most authentic self to achieve it.
  • You know it's time to give yourself space, grace and permission to be your most powerful Self - now and in coming months.
  • You know you need a proven process, a track to run on, an expert guide and a place for support.
  • You are only interested in permanent change over temporary coping.
  • You're a do'er NOT a DIY'er or passive inspiration gatherer and know investment (even a small one) is the difference between changing and staying the same.
  • You know change comes with new tools combined with new action and believe that when you take the actions that an expert guide shows you, you get real and lasting results that changes every part of your life.
If I've described you, I'm excited to invite you to find your new MAGIC CONFIDENCE with me.

You are exactly the kind of woman I support to be her best.

Imagine Your Beautiful Outcome...

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Yvette M.

I saw the change in the first day. It feels empowering to be able to articulate what my gifts, talents and values are. I am using my gifts intentionally everyday. It's freeing.

Tampa, Florida, USA

MAGIC CONFIDENCE has everything you need to start.

Plus, you'll be guided every step of the way.

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  • A 5-module, 5 week course with Michele speaking into you step by step.
  • A 70-page workbook and journal
  • A path to success and a change for the better...

Enjoy life-time access to your course lessons and printable journal workbook to revisit whenever you need to refresh and renew your practice.


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Start your MAGIC CONFIDENCE journey today.