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Article In Bloom Co. Magazine

Your Image: Your Silent Business Partner

An essential ally in running a dream business comes from a place you might not expect.  It’s silent, but it’s everywhere in your daily business dealings. It’s there when you pick up the phone to cold call a prospect.  It’s there when you need to email a client and ask them to pay their outstanding balance. It’s there when you show up at the networking event, and it’s even there when you put your lipstick on before you meet with your brand new client.  It’s the business asset likely haven’t considered putting much strategic investment toward but it is critical to serving your business if you want to grow long term. Continue reading...

Interview With Arianna Merritt

Creator of The Self-Discovery Retreat

"One way that we can take care of our awesome selves is in how we dress. I love wearing beautiful clothes and constantly get complimented on my style. Today, my guest is Michele Charles Gustafson, CIC, B.Comm (Honors), a fellow Canadian entrepreneur and Instagrammer who shares my passion for empowering others to become their best selves; Michele will share her insights on how investing in ourselves is key to achieving our goals." Continue reading...

International Women's Day Feature

Lloydminster Meridian Booster

While it may be her career, Michele Charles Gustafson takes empowering women to another level.

Being an image consultant, she helps to create confidence in women, and is something she said was not just a job, but a calling.

“I think women are the most powerful things out there,” she said. “Women have the ability to change the world … We are the natural nurturers (and) we are the ones teaching. We teach our children (and) we teach fellow women.” Read More...

A sampling of clients who have invested in Michele's message for their organizations and groups:


Discover how the message of image confidence can improve the performance and outlook of your team, group or business. Talk with Michele directly.