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It's Time To 


of dressing, confidence & success!


There's a new way to find your most authentic style.  Start with WHY!

In this masterclass, you'll learn:

  • Why so much of pre- (and now post-) pandemic, typical "style training" keeps you focused on the wrong things including influences that pressure you to "find what's cute" or worse, "to just wear what you like or think is professional." Learn how to move past these pitfalls and express your authentic self while you command presence in any situation from zoom room to the boardroom.

  • What silent messages your current dressing behavior and personal brand image are sending that are keeping your expertise and excellence hidden and overlooked. Learn what to do to fix it so you can make more, expand your work and impact more.

  • The #1 quality that even the best helpers, healers, creatives and leaders miss that is vital to standing out from the sea of your competition, driving your motivation and building trust with your audience. Learn why it's urgent you learn the science behind what creates this "secret quality" with how you dress and in every way, you show up - on and offline. 

  • BONUS! Learn the dollar $ amount you could add to your pay-check or business' bottom line, when you get your image presence working with all the right pieces optimized. It'll range from 1000s to tens of thousands! You'll be shocked! 

 Get ready to learn the fundamentals that help you become a walking commercial for who you are & what you do!

You'll get the keys that mobilize you into action to share yourself with genuine enthusiasm knowing you have nothing to prove but so much to give.


  • A 3-lesson video training series. 
  • Interactive "homework" sections for each lesson with the opportunity for feedback from your expert, Michele. 
  • Access to my private group community of entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders learning with you.
  • TOTAL VALUE $97 

Hi, I'm Michele! 

I'm an award-winning Certified Image Consultant & Certified Master Life Coach who's spent over 25 years helping thousands of women shift into a new season of confidence in their self-belief, self-image & self-presentation so they can waste no more time shrinking from life but, instead, find balance, joy and freedom in showing up authentically to help, heal, teach and lead those they serve.

I'm not your typical "stylist" or "personal brand strategist." I mentor my clients to activate new, self-motivating confidence in a way no one else in the world does: I teach women to "dress in confidence." (Yup! It's psychology research-backed and success-proven by my Elite clients.)

But don't be fooled, it's not just about clothes. I cure mindset and confidence with each garment and accessory you choose and put on. My clients go on to make their mark as principled authorities in their fields, earning more money giving them more choices, becoming authors, speaking on international stages giving them more impact, and stepping out as community advocates giving them more influence and fulfillment (on and offline).

Here's your opportunity to learn a piece of what they've mastered.


Take a seat.

Choose your notebook.

Get your pen.

Let's begin your WHY STYLE WORKSHOP journey!