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Master Your Most Authentic Style. 

Deep down you know,

Your style is about more than just the clothes.

You are right, and there's a way to get all of the pieces of your closet right, but...

You Need An Inside-Out Strategy To 


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Why so much of typical "style training" keeps you focused on the wrong things including influences that pressure you to "find what's cute" or "to just wear what you like" or worse to wear what you think others need to see to take you seriously. Learn how to move past these pitfalls and express your authentic self while you command presence in any situation from zoom room to boardroom.

What silent messages your current dressing behavior and personal brand image are sending that are keeping your expertise and excellence hidden and overlooked. Learn what to do to fix it so you can make more, expand your work and impact more.

The #1 quality that even the best helpers, healers, creatives and leaders miss that is vital to standing out from the sea of your competition, driving your motivation and building trust with your audience. Learn why it's urgent you learn the science behind what creates this "secret quality" with how you dress and in every way you show up - on and offline. 

BONUS! Learn the dollar $ amount you could add to your pay-check or business' bottom line, when you get your image presence working with all the right pieces optimized. It'll range from 1000s to tens-of-thousands! You'll be shocked! 

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Hosted by Michele Charles Gustafson


Certified Image Consultant & Certified Master Life Coach - Award-winning International Confidence Mentor - Best-selling Author & Speaker

Michele has helped thousands women achievers make life-changing shifts to their image, style and confidence over her 25 year award-winning, multi-six figure entrepreneurial career.



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