What Strong Business Branding Needs Most

entrepreneurship joinme speaking Oct 16, 2023

This blew my mind...

I've been in business as an entrepreneur since 1998, and if you count my lemonade stands and high school resume writing business, it's more like since 1994. That's wild to me - almost 30 years!

If there's one thing I know for sure that allows an entrepreneur to thrive, not just make the "x number of figures" per year, it's that succeeding comes from owning your lane, your message, and the outcome you deliver to others.   

That's what branding is about. What strong business branding needs most is a system! It's about developing the voice from which you speak your excellence into the world, and more importantly for women entrepreneurs, it's making that voice match your life (and style) while you make more than 30,000 decisions a day as women over the 8 "jobs" we have (including but not limited to cook, nurse, diver, wife, mom, sister, friend - you get it!)

I'd like to share a project I'm an educator in that may help you if you are at the beginning stages of developing how you communicate your business.  I'm an educator in Victoria Marcouillier's Branding Business School, and today, the enrollment opens! 

You can check it out, and if you like what you see, you can use my code to get $100 off the tuition.  Use my name as your discount code:  MICHELE

This course is perfect for the beginning stages because it gets you thinking about what it means to use design branding to differentiate yourself.  

In my module, I was excited to talk about how to bust imposter syndrome while developing the confidence to design your personal brand in conjunction with your business brand.  You need both to stand out in long-term results!

Victoria teaches in a relatable, down-to-earth, no-business-school-needed energy to help you feel energized. And from me, who does have my BCOMM(Honors) degree from the top business school in Canada, the material here is the perfect place to launch some of the critical considerations you need to set a business' branding message for success so you can then move to the logistics, delivery and customer service outcomes parts that come in too. 

The Branding Business School is only open for enrollment from October 16th to October 27th, and once it closes, it will not reopen until 2024!  

Head to www.thebrandingbusinessschool.com/enroll to check it out, and if it fits with your goals, claim your spot! Remember, use code MICHELE, to get $100 off the course!