Give Your Meaningful Outcome Away

2020reflection community+giving back lloydminster Dec 04, 2020

In Show Up Confident, I talk about finding your Meaningful Outcome. It's a more tangible, workable way to think about your purpose. For as long as I can remember, I've had a part of mine to "give confidence away." These three words have run everything I've done, offered, and given away.

In the last year or two, I wasn't sure how I wanted to give myself away to my local community charities. I tried a few things, but none seemed to fit this lofty 3-word bar that I'd set for myself almost 20 years ago.

Nothing was sticking out as a way for me to exercise this deeply rooted intention for donating.

That is until I wrote my book.

Man, this book has given me more paychecks of the heart than I can count, and one came this week when I donated a set of books to the Lloydminster Interval Home Society.

Offering my words about change, transition, resilience, self-belief, and renewal fits their mission of helping women find new strength after domestic violence.

This fit.
This felt good.

To "give confidence away" to women with my words. It was perfect.

So I took a neat stack of Show Up Confident tied in bright Ultramarine bow to the wonder-workers at the Interval Home Society and left them there to do whatever magic they can for the women in their second stage program.

Did I mention that it felt good?

When your Meaningful Outcome drives you, and you share it in multiple ways, not just in your work but in how you give away what you do, there's no better feeling.

Plus, as I say, "legacy lives in those you change," I'd like to think it's one small way I've changed a few more lives I may never meet.

That feels very good too.


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