Retail Therapy Is NOT Therapy

shopping Oct 17, 2017

“Change how you dress and you’ll change how you feel.” How many times have you heard it? But you’re thinking, “Seriously? Is it that big of a deal?”

Many of you may not know that I began my image consultancy and mentorship business because after coming through a 9-month bout of depression, I used the process I take my clients through today to re-discover myself, my personal joy, my appreciation for my body, my life and my own definition of success. It saved me.

While many of you wish you could find a renewed confidence like me and you’ll want to do some “retail therapy” and hope it helps. I’ll tell you, looking at just finding a new blouse will not heal the root of what is keeping you stuck and sad. And don’t let the clothing manufacturers tell you it will. It won’t.

Begin with uncovering where your insecurity lives. Dispel it and then transform it. It’s the only way to true, permanent, sustainable and growing confidence! And yes, you can start doing just that by changing how you dress - but you have to be taught how.