Traveling Hue And Style

life+style travel Apr 21, 2018

I've got to get a week’s worth of work 'n' play wardrobe in this little baby as I get ready to travel to sunny south Florida to visit and celebrate with a few of my international clients. 

Not only do I get to have a Hue+Style Sisterhood meet-up with them but I am also honored to speak at my dear clients' women's empowerment event as she launches her brand new coaching business.
She tells me whenever she can that my process and mentorship that began almost 2 years ago was the catalyst to her having the confidence to leave things in her life behind and instead embrace her passions that would eventually become her new business.  She tells me as often as she can, "Michele it all started with you."
This warms my heart.
So now as I am working the Hue and Style principles I teach my clients on how to efficiently build (and then pack) a wardrobe that speaks about your strengths and lends to the confidence you need to build your dreams,  I glow with pride knowing that this exact process has changed countless lives from those in my mentorship to the ones my clients touch when they become the best version of themselves.
This makes my heart smile.
It's a beautiful irony that in this little suitcase there is really a gigantic amount of meaning, purpose, passion, love, and confidence that travels with me.
 I can't wait to share it all of that with the women I will be on my trip.
If you read this email waiting for a "travel in style tip," here's one for you:
Plan your core travel "set" for the middle level of formality of your trip and then use accessories and a "third" piece" to elevate your outfits. If you don't know how to determine the elements of this "tip," that's what happens with tips.  They can only be applied and used well when you are taught how to see yourself and your lifestyle in it, otherwise, it just leads to more frustration.