The Empow-Her Program

by Michele Charles Gustafson

Create Confidence For Success - NOW!

"I have always had a special place in my heart for young women.  I think of myself just starting out - fresh, ready and excited to make my mark.  There was one thing I had very early on that helped me create success after success.  A mentor.  A woman who breathed belief and confidence in me as I grew into the best version of myself." ~ Michele

The Opportunity & The Program

The qualified applicant will enjoy direct mentorship from Michele as an award-winning image consultant, international success mentor and master life coach whose one-of-a-kind Hue and Style® image, confidence, and personal development programs have transformed women’s lives locally and globally (even as far away as Australia and Italy).  

Under her mentorship, one deserving woman will learn not only to find her most polished personal style but a process for personal brand visibility and a rock-solid confidence mindset that sets her up for success for the rest of her life.

The 6-week workshop and mentorship program includes:

  • Every module and lesson you will need to transform your confidence, personal brand presentation and purpose with my personal life-coaching process woven into your journey. (By now, you know it's more than just the clothes!)


  • Discover the definition of your life's purpose and translate it into a one-of-a-kind mission statement that drives your days. 
  • Define a style that represents in clothing, color and accessories your expertly defined personal brand and mission statement matched to communicate your authenticity and goals while teaching you to use performance and dressing psychology to create motivation.
  • Know exactly what to wear every single day, (from zoom room to boardroom, on or offline) to stand out as an expert with presence.
  • Enjoy getting dressed in 5 minutes or less every single day without second-guessing yourself - ever. 
  • Use your new personal brand definition to communicate with clarity about your value & expertise in-person, online, in a meeting, on Zoom, in a social media post or passing your business card. 
  • Learn to audit and maximize non-verbal body language that activates trust, authority and confidence in you.
  • Unify your personal brand presence in every profile picture, LinkedIn social profile, resume, interview, media appearance & business pitch.
  • Learn to combine and master the new, vital "authenticity" communicators that build relationships faster in today's skeptical world. 
  • Align proven performance habits with your life's intention and enjoy fulfillment while you achieve your ambitions: do more, make more, change more, impact more - happier!


  • Live Q&A sessions with me as your mentor for tailored advice and personalized outcomes (recorded for your ease)
  • Permanent membership in my Elite Mastermind group for continuing education, support, guidance and motivation.
  • A process, relationship and support to put yourself out there in the very best way possible - to have the know-how to SHOW UP CONFIDENT.
Qualified and invited applicants receive this entire program for a special investment determined based on need and discretion.

Applicants need to be:

      • Between the ages of 19-26 (before August 31 of the current year).
      • Accepted, currently pursuing or have completed a post-secondary Certificate, Diploma or Degree program in any discipline.
      • Passionate about needing to be visible to champion a cause, organization, school or local community initiative that promotes confidence, leadership, positive self-esteem and/or teamwork.

The Application Process

 1. Book A Call With Michele & Submit Online Application

CLICK HERE to find a time that works for you. After selecting your time, you will be prompted to complete an online application. (If you've already had your call with Michele, no need to book another.)

2. Understand & Agree To The Participation Requirements

Selected EmpowHer participants agree to:

If you agree to these requirements, then

3. Wait (Impatiently) For Your Invitation From Michele

Offers to enter the program are made to applicants based on fit, enthusiasm and desire to grow. Selections are made based on upcoming cohort of the program: JAN 2024

If you've received in offer to work with Michele, you are invited to make a commitment deposit on your program. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to see your options. Upon deposit, applicate receives pre-program support and resources before the full program begins.