The Hue And Style® Image-Confidence Program for Young Women by Michele Charles Gustafson

Young Gal! Create Confidence For Success - NOW!

"I have always had a special place in my heart for young women.  I think of myself just starting out - fresh, ready and excited to make my mark.  There was one thing I had very early on that helped me create success after success.  A mentor.  A woman who breathed belief and confidence in me as I grew into the best version of myself." ~ Michele


The Opportunity & The Program

The qualified applicant will enjoy direct mentorship from Michele as an award-winning entrepreneur and international image consultant and confidence mentor, whose one-of-a-kind Hue and Style® image, confidence, and personal development programs have transformed women’s lives locally and globally (even as far away as Australia and Italy).  

Under her mentorship, one deserving young woman will learn not only to find her most polished personal style but a process for personal brand visibility and rock-solid confidence mindset that sets her up for success for the rest of her life.

The program includes:

  • Guidance through Michele’s premium-level 6-week image & confidence personal development program. With a standing invitation to take additional confidence programs.
  • Individualized coaching to dress and present oneself with polish, professionalism, and confidence using Michele exclusive Hue and Style® process for wearing personalized color and using color psychology for influence, body image acceptance and dressing strategy, wardrobe and outfit creation, beauty technique, personal style message, personal branding marketing techniques.
  • Lifetime membership to the Elite Client Mastermind Group for anytime access to Michele and her advice through the program and a standing invitation to attend live broadcasts and success calls with Michele’s international elite group.

Applicants must be:

  • Between the ages of 19-25.
  • Accepted, currently pursuing or have completed a post-secondary Certificate, Diploma or Degree program in any discipline.
  • Passionate about needing to be visible to champion a cause, organization, school or local community initiative that promotes confidence, leadership, positive self-esteem and/or teamwork.

If you are (or know of) a young lady who qualifies, share this webpage and encourage her to apply.

If you have questions, scroll down to the FAQ section at the bottom of this page!

The Application Process

1. Print Application Worksheet & Join My Community

Use this as a guide to gather your thoughts and prepare your answers and get ideas for your application video.  Yes, there's a video. CLICK HERE to download the worksheet. Come join my conversation on image, confidence and personal brand visibility in THE ART OF DRESSING IN CONFIDENCE FOR SUCCESS group community on Facebook.

2. Make Your Video

You will need to prepare an introduction video of NO MORE than 5 minutes introducing yourself, why you are applying to the mentorship program and what the phrase, “DRESS IN CONFIDENCE” means to you. 

Be sure to also explain why you need to learn the art of creating a personal brand image so you can be visible to support and promote the ideas of a cause, organization, school or local community initiative that you are passionate about and that focuses on confidence, leadership, positive self-esteem and/or teamwork.

Upload Your Video Application To Your YouTube Account 

Post your intro video to your YouTube account as UNLISTED which means only those with the link can see it - like the selection committee.  You will share this link in your online application. 

3. Complete Your Online Application

Fill in your answers from your worksheet onto the special website form. Also be ready to upload your transcripts. CLICK HERE to begin your online application.

4. Wait (Impatiently) For Acceptance

Offers to enter the program are made to applicants based on fit, enthusiasm and desire to grow.  At the time of an offer, your special rate for investment will be revealed including flexible payment options.

Selections are made on a quarterly basis with deadline schedules below:

December 31 for January enrolment

March 31 for April enrolment

August 31 for September enrolment



What if I only completed a portion of a degree/diploma program, can I still apply?

Yes, my Dear. I would be happy to read your application and meet you.  I believe that sometimes what we do with what we've learned in a portion of post-secondary education is just as valuable as graduating. 

Sounds awesome but I'm outside the age requirement. How can I work with you?

This program is a unique opportunity for a young lady to have access to premium level coaching program at an accessible "student/starter" investment. Women over 25, need to follow my regular process of making application and qualifying to work with me after they have taken in one of my free online classes.  

If you would like to join the waitlist for my next free online class, you can CLICK HERE, and on this page, you can enter your details to be notified when it opens.

How can I work with you? Can I just sign-up or click a "buy now" button to work with you?  And how much is it?

My mentorship program is a one of a kind premium-priced program where I grant an invitation and reveal my offer only after I am 100% positive I can transform a woman through my process.

There is no "buy now" or "purchase course" with Hue And Style.  

The best way for me to know if you are a fit for my program is to meet you through your application.  Apply, Gal.  If I can tell you are the kind of young lady who can take my program and set your world on fire, I may invite you to become one of my clients and tell you know how it all works for us to work together.

For now, be bold and APPLY!

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