Turn How You Present Yourself Every Day Into A Walking Billboard For Your Expertise

(so you can be 10x more memorable and chosen to make up for lost time achieving your dreams!)


  • Discover the #1 overlooked skill for building a personal brand reputation that makes people see you and choose you 10x faster than your competition.
  • Learn if the way you present yourself in-person, online, and on Zoom portrays the "real you" - the best you!
  • Uncover the most common pitfalls women make when shopping, dressing and trying to create presence that actually pushes the right people away.
  • Connect how investing in a strategic image is like investing in a powerful commercial for who you are and what you do (that starts broadcasting the minute you get dressed). 

End worry about getting passed over, being invisible for your business or feeling like an imposter leader for your team. These starter principles are the key to aligning your individual greatness with an approachable presence that accelerates success.

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