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  • WHY it's all about you. Whether you know it or not, their current dressing is sending a message about yourself, your values and your worth. Learn what message you are sending!
  • WHY confidence is the key. Every day, who you want to attract on or offline is judging you in 3 seconds based on your appearance. If they don't see you as the confident expert, they won't choose you! Learn WHY it's urgent you create daily confidence and credibility with how you dress!
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Why Success Starts

With Who You See In The Mirror

Harpreet Christie interviews Michele about her new book, Show Up Confident and the power of changing the way you get ready for your day and your life.


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The #️⃣1️⃣ Goal Of Your Personal Brand Image

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💥The 2 Things You Need To Dress Well & Show Up

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The 3️⃣ O’s of Changing How You Get Dressed

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