Promote Your Value.

Increase Your Confidence 


Get a clear, refreshed outlook for your personal brand messaging, style communication & confidence to show up! 


Promote Your Value.

Increase Your Confidence 


Get a clear, refreshed strategy for your personal brand messaging, style communication & confidence to show up! 


If you don't tell the world who you are, it will guess.

That's A Problem!

If you are changing careers, starting a business or presenting yourself to a new audience or level, you can't afford to leave your image to chance.

Your self-communication may (literally) be closing you thousands per year!

Get my expert advice and hands-on homework for the excellence-driven professional or entrepreneur.

Let's be honest.

People don't know you yet!

If you work with, in, on or through others, you know you have to:

be seen and valued for our contribution,

build a community to expand your reach,

advance your influence to make a difference to others, and

be paid what we are worth.

And you deserve all of it!

To achieve these, you can't be invisible, hidden or gripped by old, outdated ideas of how people need to see you.

Those you intend to lead need to see you and come to know you for your unique ability to help them.

This power doesn't happen by accident; it happens by strategy and aligning every way the world experiences you.

Your next new chapter requires a clear, undeniable, unshakable communication of your confidence.

Let Me Help You!

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You Will Learn How To:

Achieve A Masterful First Impression

You've only got nano-seconds to captivate the people you serve. Learn what it takes to attract new connections and what's at stake if you leave it to chance.

Accelerate Your Message's Impact

There is one critical component needed for any buying/selling relationship. It's essential if you want to grow what you're building - business, career or cause. Learn what it is and how to use your image to accelerate its power.

Increase Your Ability To Monetize

If you're here, I already know you want and deserve more. More money is about having more choices. What new choices would you make if you could give yourself a pay raise? In this lightning-fast lesson, learn exactly how much new income you leave on the table with your current self-presentation.



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Hi! I'm Michele Charles Gustafson.

(Yup, with one "L"!)

I'll be your teacher!

Through my almost 30 year award-winning entrepreneurial career, I’ve helped thousands of achievers to own their value, raise their voice and be more visible to make their dreams come true.

I'm the creator of the Hue And Style® mentorship program where I do my most transformative work with my clients as a Certified Image & Color Consultant, Certified Master Life Coach, Personal Branding Expert, Award-winning Confidence Mentor, National Morning Show Guest, International Speaker, and Best-selling Author of Show Up Confident.

I use my journey to help others. From burn-out to depression, I was there, but I managed to move from an overwhelmed, people-pleasing Type-A crippled by the need to achieve to a self-proclaimed Type-A-In-Recovery who found peace in living from a place of creativity, authenticity, purpose and joy. And guess what? This shift has brought me more clarity, self-acceptance, resilience and abundance; more than I could have ever had running my life the old way. 

If you remember nothing else about me, I teach women that nothing new happens without fresh confidence and that how you see yourself in the mirror either fuels or stalls your self-esteem, business, career, and relationship goals.

With decades of success combining self-development clarity, personal branding strategies, image consulting concepts, and personal styling techniques, I'm here to help you renew your self-belief through your image and show up confidently for everything you want to be and create.

I'm a Confidence Activator & Success Accelerator.

You can take a tiny step forward into my results-producing universe. Begin right now with this workshop.

If you’ve made it this far, this workshop is part of your next step!

Let’s jump in, Lady!


I'm ready, Michele! ➞