The Most Powerfully Liberating


You Will Ever Experience

You’re an entrepreneur. A business owner. A team-leader. An influencer…

… and the success of delivering your grand expertise + purpose depends on your ability to have your ideal audience take notice of you instantly.

They need to see you as a confident, authentic woman who leaves her own self-doubt behind and leads others to their successes, goals and new confidence with their offerings and ideas ... you need image presence.

It’s the kind of presence that starts at your first-impression and makes you relatable and approachable. It’s powerfully strategic dressing because the style, color, and expression are all aligned with your true self - and it shows. It’s the kind of vibe that makes others believe in you because they see you believe in yourself. And it magnetically attracts exactly the right people into your collaborations, teams, client lists and communities, when you get it right.

Without image presence, you fade into the background and into the sea of your competition.

I can help.

Most “style advice” out there just doesn’t properly serve women. It’s short-sighted. It’s impersonal, incomplete and causes more frustration in women than solutions.

It encourages women to look outside themselves for answers in “tips and tricks”, to piece together fashionable looks of the season, or it focuses on “styling a brand photo shoot” in isolation without addressing how to create image presence consistently on a day-to-day basis.

This kind of advice is fine for growing an ever-expanding closet of trendy fashion items, for racking-up the credit card every season or putting up a pretty website, but it totally backfires when trying to build a strategic personally-branded image that acts like a commercial for you; that sells your values, expertise, and confidence in a 3-second first impression (that’s before you even speak, Gal).

HUE and Style is different.

I teach my clients to use traditional packaged goods marketing strategy (that continues to work for today’s top-selling brands) combined with image consulting skills to build a wardrobe that gets you noticed, remembered and considered for more opportunities that bring you success - AND I give you the mindset support to find new self-acceptance, that is the seed for extraordinary confidence transformations beyond just getting dressed well every day.

This is why I believe…

Change your Image.
Change your Mindset.
Attract your next level of Success.

...because that is exactly what happens when you get it right.

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