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Let’s Style You For A Life Of Confidence & Success


Here's what some of my clients are saying about Michele's Hue and Style® programs & mentorship.

"For those thinking about working with Michele, stop thinking. Just book a call. You will love her and you are worth it to be your best!"

Pamela B.
Life Coach & Healer

"This girl went from frumpy and unnoticeable to confident and shining. This program is so amazing and up-lifting. Your mentorship has brought out some amazing confidence."

Courtney M.
Direct Sales District Manager

"I am more confident in my interactions with others. People are starting to listen to me more. But most importantly, I learned to care and honor my body. I've lost 18 lbs. since the program."

Olivia B.
Relationship Coach & Entrepreneur

"Since starting my Hue and Style journey, my mornings have never been so easy and my closet never cleaner. I have confidence and a new sense of excitement."

Karla E.
Interior Design Entrepreneur

"The old clothes represented the old me, the old life, the old mindset I thought that I could never "pull off”. This process released all of that and gave me back - my Self."

Wendy S.
Administrative & Legal Consultant

"It was crazy to see that my wardrobe was a direct reflection of my life...crazy and unorganized! That's all changed since my Hue and Style journey!"

Amanda W.
Real Estate Professional

You’re a rising entrepreneur, an excellence-driven professional, an intentional mother or a change-making leader.

You are a purpose-driven woman...

… and the success of delivering your grand expertise + heart-filling life's work depends on your ability to have  your people - take notice and respect your confidence instantly.

They need to see you as a self-assured, authentic woman who leaves her own self-doubt behind and leads others to their successes, goals and new confidence with their offerings, ideas and influence. You need image presence.

It’s the kind of presence that starts at your first-impression and makes you relatable and approachable. It permeates every communication you deliver whether you are marketing your business, building a team, managing a family or rallying a tribe.

This special kind of presence, I call image-confidence. It is powerfully strategic dressing because it's built on your deeply held values reflected in your true style, personalized color, and clear expression that are all aligned with your most authentic self - and it shows.

It’s the kind of vibe that makes others believe in you because they see you believe in yourself. It magnetically attracts exactly the right people into your collaborations, teams, client lists and communities, when you get it right.

Without image-confidence, you fade into the background, question your direction, follow the masses or disappear into the sea of your competition where your negative mindset holds you captive and your biggest dreams wither.

Image-confidence is "more than just the clothes."

It’s deeper than passing fashion.

Most “style advice” out there just doesn’t properly serve women. It’s too short-sighted. It's too generic. It’s impersonal, incomplete and causes more frustration in women than solutions. It doesn't address your mindset.

Mainstream style advice encourages women to look outside themselves for answers in “style tips and tricks”, to piece together fashionable looks of the season, to cobble together individual items without a plan, to do a closet sort/purge without direction or to focus on “styling a brand photo shoot” in isolation without addressing how to create image presence aligned to a personal brand that needs to be communicated consistently - on a day-to-day basis - in every outfit they create.

This outdated & limited kind of advice is fine for growing an ever-expanding closet of trendy fashion items, or for racking-up the credit card every season trying to get your style right. It also does the the opposite - paralyzing you from being able to make smart wardrobe choices and shackling you into a static photo-shoot-awesome image but keeping you from building a strategic personally-branded image that acts like a commercial for you day-to-day - for every meeting, every client call, every live broadcast and every impromptu photo.

Built the old way, you never create a inner and outer self-representation that sells your values, expertise, and confidence in a 3-second first impression whether you are in the grocery store, picking up the kids from school, posting candidly on social media or commanding a high-pressure professional meeting.

I'm Michele.

I can help.

I teach my clients to use traditional packaged goods marketing strategy (that continues to work for today’s top-selling brands) to create a true personal brand and combine that with image consulting know-how skills to build a total image, a personal brand marketing strategy, a magnetic dressing style, an infinitely practical wardrobe that gets you noticed, remembered and considered for more opportunities that bring you success at every point in your lifestyle.

My Hue and Style® process

is different.

Not only do I help you create new clarity and confidence in your total image and personal brand, I give you the confidence-building skills and proven success strategies based in performance coaching to find new self-acceptance, self-love and personal power that are the seeds for extraordinary confidence transformations that become tangible achievements in your business, career, relationships.


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