Activate Your Greatest Potential

every day you get dressed.


I know it. (Do you believe it?)

You know that as an ambitious entrepreneur, excellence-driven professional or heart-centered community builder, it's not enough to simply look like a leader, you have to confidently be a leader.

My only aim is to help you do that by crushing every last bit of self-doubt, that makes you feel like an imposter or that keeps you invisible.

Maybe you’ve gone through a recent transition and are afraid to stand out in the right way. Maybe you’re worried about being judged in the wrong way. No matter which you feel, these crippling inner beliefs are affecting how you show up for your life, your goals and your people, right now. These feelings steal your courage, overshadow your self-worth and temper your visibility.

Let’s toss out the old and limited idea of “dress for success” and focus on a new way to prepare for your day and your life that fills you with the unshakable confidence you need to create your next success while it builds enduring personal brand trust in those who want to buy from you or buy into you.

You’re looking to leave behind temporary generic tips, frustratingly aimless cycles and endless worry if you’re maximizing your message and potential. I have the process and the support system to align your inner confidence, success mindset & outer personal brand image that together produces more business, bigger promotions, better relationships and the most liberating self-love you will ever experience.

I'm Michele - a color-obsessed confidence transformer.

I turn how you show up into a superpower.


Your Next Success Begins With This...

There is something more powerful to your evolution than a "how-to," it's a "why-to." 

I help you get clear on your "why-to" show up not for just one area of your life but for all them - your business, your career, your organization, your wellness, your relationships and your self-worth.

Your next, new success begins with a crystal clear reason for renewing your self-belief, energizing your image and preparing yourself to be seen and heard. This"why-to" is the vital essential to wearing the best style of your life, using the confidence from it to power your motivation, to achieving your most fulfilling work and leaving your unique magical legacy.

This  "why-to" breakthrough may come slowly when you read my book or like a lightening bolt working personally in with me in my mentorship program.

My Mentorship

To activate your personal brand image & confidence into a superpower:

My wildly successful Hue and Style® mentorship program turns every way you present yourself (on or offline) into a style-creating, reputation-defining, confidence-building, paycheck-increasing, mindset-shifting, success-attracting superpower.


My Book

To begin your confidence self-discovery:

Learn the new way to prepare yourself for your day and your life that builds new resilience and self-belief (that under the clothes you're wearing right now).


Wendy S.

The old clothes represented the old me, the old life, the old mindset I thought that I could never "pull off”. Hue and Style released all of that and gave me back - my Self. I'm more focused than ever.

Independent Legal Consultant

Amanda W.

It was crazy to see that my wardrobe was a direct reflection of my mind and my life - crazy and unorganized! That's all changed! Every day I get dressed in my Hue and Style®, I have new clear motivation and feel ready for anything.

Real Estate Professional

Karla E.

Since starting my Hue and Style® journey, my mornings have never been so easy and my closet never cleaner. I have confidence and a new sense of excitement.

Interior Design Technologist


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Begin To Show Up Confident

If you've lost a bit of yourself after a life change, relax, you can return your brilliance. Discover how drop any temporary or outdated ideas of "dressing for success" and be inspired to tap into new self-belief and inner-strength!

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