Journal Your Way To Renewed Confidence

in 22 powerful days.

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I know. I know. 

Successful people you admire tell you to start journaling, and you've tried BUT

➞ you couldn't keep it up consistently,

➞ you didn't know what you were supposed to write or,

➞ you just didn't know where to start to make it stick,

so you told yourself you don't have time or that it won't work for you.

Journalling can work for you!

All you need is a confidence shift and a tool to keep your momentum.

Start A New Conversation With Yourself

Imagine being able to:

  • Develop a consistent journal practice that sticks in under one month based on what will make you successful in your next stage of life.
  • Focus on yourself for under 10 minutes each day that turns into a new self-love that powers your inner-strength.

Show Up Confident Journal

A 22-day guided companion journal

to the book Show Up Confident by Michele Charles Gustafson

This journal turns a powerful read into an interactive & inspired self-development journey.

Working through this 22-day journal journey, you’ll be able to:


your book reading and get clear on what you need next for yourself at this stage in your life.


what is most important for you to create happiness in your life and cement it with a practice that keeps you focused on it.


bite-sized, blissful steps and journal entries that develop a new, consistent conversation with yourself..


Here’s what you’re going to get:

A 50+ page



  • 4 journal sections mirroring content from Show Up Confident starting with a 7x7 beginner project.
  • Michele’s journalling guide to get the most from your book and journal.
  • 12 Show Up Confident Concept worksheets.
  • 22 daily journal pages with morning and evening entry prompt.
  • 8 free-writing pages for additional insights and reflections.
  • Inspired artwork and inspiring original quotes by Michele Charles Gustafson.
  • 8.5 x 11, e-book to work in electronically, print-at-home or send-to-printshop-ready pages with printing instructions.
    • Print in colour,
    • Print black & white, or
    • Use on a tablet with e-pen or stylus.
    • Print one page, only ones you need or all of them. It's up to you!
  • 30 day access to download. Get it once and use it again and again.
  • 2 guiding audio lessons including one exclusive to this journal project.
  • Quick links to Michele’s quizzes and assessments to learn what your core values reveal about your potential if you know how to dress for it.
  • Insider perks like front-of-the-line invitations to Michele’s book clubs, webinars, masterclasses, exclusive unreleased content and email community.
  • Preferred access to an image-confidence breakthrough session with Michele when you are ready for a premium, proven-successful mentorship experience that guarantees you raise your value, voice, and visibility.
  • BONUS video lesson: How to turn your biggest breakdowns into your greatest breakthroughs.


    A $55 VALUE


for less than a fancy coffee a day.

Yes! I'm Ready To Start!

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Hi! I'm Michele Charles Gustafson.

(Yup, with one "L"!)

I’ve been helping women stand out for more than 22 years!

I’ve helped thousands of women own their value, raise their voice and be more visible to make their dreams come true.

I use my journey to help others. From burn-out to depression, I was there, but I managed to move from an overwhelmed, people-pleasing Type-A crippled by the need to achieve to a self-proclaimed Type-A-In-Recovery who found peace in living from a place of creativity, authenticity, purpose and joy. And guess what? This shift has brought me more clarity, self-acceptance, resilience and abundance; more than I could have ever had running my life the old way. 

I'm the creator of Hue And Style® where I do my most transformative work with my clients as a Certified Image & Color Consultant, Certified Professional Life Coach, Personal Branding Expert and award-winning International Confidence Coach, and if you remember nothing else about me, I teach women that nothing new happens without fresh confidence and that how you see yourself in the mirror either fuels or stalls your self-esteem, business, career, and relationship goals. With decades of success combining self-development clarity, personal branding strategies, image consulting concepts, and personal styling techniques, I'm here to help you renew your self-belief and show up confidently for everything you want to create. 

Begin this self-directed journey with me my book but I'm right beside you with my words and guidance in this journal. If you need to grow faster and deeper, explore my life-changing Hue and Style® mentorship experience.

What People Are Saying About Michele & Her Book:

I created this journal for you to have a no-brainer, fool-proof addition to your personal development discovery journey especially if...

  • You are a Show Up Confident reader.
  • You are ready to take a small step into a new season of confidence at this moment in your life (but don’t know where or how to start a process).
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If you’ve made it this far, this journal is part of your next step!

Let’s jump in, Lady!


I'm ready, Michele! ➞