Life's Too Short To Be Invisible!

Create a refreshed personal brand style & visibility roadmap in under 90 minutes.


Life's Too Short To Be Invisible!

Create a refreshed personal brand style & visibility roadmap in under 90 minutes.


Enough of the tips, tricks, hacks and mish-mashed trendy visibility hi-jinks!


Those kept everyone distracted back in uncertain times but now it's time to get return to how lasting reputations are built - using marketing strategy.

And for you, the ambitious, heart-led, already-excellent-at-what-you-do driven type, you're ready to design the way you show up in every way based on your authentic core and rise up (better than ever) to leading, teaching, and helping those who need you. 

What may not know is that way you need to show up has changed! It's not about know-like-trust. It's more. It's about alignment.

And after so much change, it's possible you feel like you need to prove yourself all over again - even though you've got degrees, credentials, and experience.

Maybe you've even thought that you need to go beyond patching together what you think works (but hasn't) so you can finally connect with who you help.

Or maybe it feels like you've lost time in your business or career path over these months not knowing what to focus on to put yourself out there.

Let me tell you,

You are in right place!

This is a massive opportunity to do what big companies & celebrities do: REBRAND!

You've heard "build your brand" everywhere and from all of the successful people you admire. You know - the ones whose books you read, podcasts you listen to - they all say it but

I know you're left wondering...

"Do I collect thousands of followers on social media?" 

"Will it help if I revamp your website with new brand colors?"

"Do I need to spend all day on LinkedIn scrolling for opportunities?"

"Do I need to just get my resume revamped?"

"Do I get a typical fashion stylist to pull a look or two for photos to 'build my brand'?"

None of these alone are the answer.

Because the truth is, all of these must be combined with your inner motivation, purpose and confidence to attract and connect you with those that co-create opportunities for growth, advancement and profit.

Your personal brand image needs to be a complete commercial for your excellence. 

Studies Show This:

You are judged for your credibility, knowledge and expertise in as fast as one-tenth (0.1) of a second.

You are judged by others within the snap of a finger!

A complete, cohesive & crafted personal brand strategy can help you make the most of that nano-second!

Building a personal brand image isn't about one task.

So many women business owners and professional fall into the short-sighted mistake of just redoing their website, honing what they post on social media or wearing a color they heard once communicates something they wish they could project with certainty and confidence.

There is a better way to think about this!

Focus on what really helps you connect with your upper management, that builds trust with your future clients, and attracts new opportunities meant for your passion and purpose.

Design your most powerful personal communication & confidence strategy 

from a formula proven to work!

The most successful, fulfilled and happy achievers who weave these together with a tailored strategy


(while they put more on their bottom line).

Hi! I'm Michele Charles Gustafson.

(Yup, with one "L"!)

I'm your expert guide to getting this all right!

Over my almost 30 year award-winning entrepreneurial career, I’ve helped thousands of achievers to own their value, raise their voice and be more visible to make their dreams come true.

I'm the creator of the Hue And Style¬ģ mentorship program where I do my most transformative work with my clients as a Certified Image & Color Consultant, Certified Master Life Coach, Personal Branding Expert, Confidence Mentor, National Morning Show Guest, International Keynote Speaker, and Best-selling Author of Show Up Confident.

If you remember nothing else about me, I teach women that nothing new happens without fresh confidence and that how you see yourself in the mirror either fuels or stalls your self-esteem, business, career, and relationship goals.

With decades of success combining self-development clarity, personal branding strategies, image consulting concepts, and personal styling techniques, I'm here to help you renew your self-belief through your image and show up confidently for everything you want to be and create.

Let me help you take a tiny step forward to style your confidence and visibility that makes you powerful!

Let's be honest.

We all want a dream life!

If you work with, in, on or through others, you have a dream in your heart to:

  • be seen and valued for our contribution so you can be an example to your family and communities,
  • build a great business that helps other people be their best,
  • advance your career that helps make a mark while it helps others grow, and
  • be paid what we are worth without apology.

That's awesome and you deserve to claim it!

To achieve these, you can't be invisible, hidden or gripped by self-doubt or insecurity.

Those you intend to lead & help need to see you and come to know you for your unique ability to empower them.

This power doesn't happen by accident, by simply collecting followers, credentials or trendy outfits to be taken seriously.

Building a profitable & fulfilling personal brand image means attaching your inner authenticity to your outer presentation in all ways that matter for people to trust in you and believe in what you offer.

Your dream life requires a roadmap for you to communicate with confidence.


I've got that roadmap ready for you!

Let Me Help You!




After this workshop, you’ll be able to:


the effectiveness of your current personal brand image & reputation to reveal if it is a superpower or super saboteur for your goals.


the 5 modern & more effective ways to stand out in a crowded, loud world that builds trust in your expertise in under 3 seconds.


outdated fashion obsession and irrelevant style myths with what makes your appearance a memorable marketing commercial for your professional reputation.


the thousands of dollars you may be leaving on the table in unclaimed opportunities, raises, business or promotions because of your current image presentation.


your confidence to never to overlooked, passed-by, left-out, seen as outdated or irrelevant because you own the assertiveness to stand for who you help in your unique way. 

Here’s what you’re going to get immediately:

Style Your Visibility Masterclass 

In and this 90-minute on-demand, learn the top 5 personal brand image & self-presentation fundamentals based on influence psychology, and my exclusive 25 year client-success proven framework plus how and why you need to weave them together in the next 3 months to boost your sales, business growth and client attraction goals! 

(VALUE $127)

Exclusive "Scorecard" Worksheet 

Assess your current image and know instantly if you are seen the right way to make your mark. Only available in this class, you'll see how your current confidence and influence measures up and the exact areas to improve for increased perceived value, visibility (and style too)!

(VALUE $57)


for less than lunch with a friend




"Choose To Challenge" Audio Workshop

Learn how to embrace an unexpected feeling and use it to fuel any change you want to make for yourself and others (and it's less scary than you think). 

This 42-minute lesson gives you the #1 courage-building, resilience-sparking quality you need right now.

(VALUE $47)



Could you wait on it?

The average time it takes to build a personal brand reputation that sticks in people's minds is

3 to 6 months. 

What opportunities will have passed you?

What profit will have walked out the door?

Can you really afford to wait to start learning what will make all the difference to you showing up with confidence?

Nope! Can't afford to wait! I'm in!

I created this workshop for you to bust through the myths of personal branding and to show you what works to put all the pieces of a rock-solid, trustworthy reputation together. 

If you're ready to amplify your visibility,
If you're eager to accelerate your vision,
If you're excited to take the first step to present your most authentic self (in every way) and lead others with it,

This workshop is for you!



Got It! I'm in, Michele!

Time is of the essence!

Remember, I shared that it takes 3-6 months to build a personal brand image and reputation that people come to recognition, respect, trust and that you can communicate clearly in any circumstance. 

A clear, cohesive self-presentation from your appearance to you how you communicate your authority can be the difference between a successful business or rebounded career and a dream that never gets off the ground.

If you have ambitions of a new position, switching up careers, building something new, pitching yourself, or presenting your knowledge in bigger ways, you needed to have started this process 6 months ago

Go beyond reading sifting through generic tips and obsessing over the short-sighted visibility hacks and instead, learn the vital formula that puts you in control with how to show up and stand out as your best!

Let me help you kickstart your new visibility so you can boost your value and amplify your voice!


If you’ve made it this far, this workshop is part of your next step!

Let’s jump in, Lady!


I'm ready, Michele! ‚ěě