How To Avoid Wardrobe Mistakes & Wasted Money

fashion shopping style May 23, 2018

Listen, Gal. Not even I get it exactly right every time. But my wardrobe missteps are 1 in 20 garments I purchase. Not 20 out of 20.

Case in point: I bought this top. Loved the cut, the color was right, the flowers I thought were Dramatic enough for me, but when I got it, I took it on and off a few times - never actually wearing it out. (A tried and true symptom of a misaligned wardrobe purchase.)

I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to wear it and finally, it hit me today. It’s “too sweet” too much in the Romantic’s style story and not enough in own dominant or secondary style profiles.

Solution? I choose two items that ALWAYS get me where my outfits communicate who I am: First, my favorite pair of wayfarer sunnies, and second, a moto jacket.

BOOM! Now, it’s me. All me.

Here’s what you need to know, Gal, every item you choose, purchase and wear is speaking to you, for you and about you. You have the power to have every piece align with your most authentic self and most profound expression that helps you stand out for your mission, purpose, and dreams - because every piece has a set of values attached to it that can match yours.

BUT! You need to be taught to do it. It’s image-marketing mixed with confidence styling that only a Hue and Style woman knows how to do. (Plus, you waste way less money making those wardrobe purchase missteps. So that’s a bonus.

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