Confidence For Your Evolved Normal

change+transition joinme mayconfidencebloom May 01, 2021

So this last year and a bit has been exhausting. I'm sure you've heard it being called the "new normal," but I actually call it the "evolved normal."

Seeing the way we've had to shift perspective to see what is truly important to us, how we want to make our mark and our urgency to live authentically is "the growth" of this time. The thing about growth is you can't un-grow. A flower can go back in the seed once it's out.  It simply either blossoms or wilts - and that's up to its conditions & nurturing.

Sticking with hoping you adjust to the "new normal" instead of committing to your "evolved normal" is like trying to force your way back into the seed instead of seeing the possibilities ahead of you that have opened up because of your sprouting.

[Lots of plant references, I know. HA!]

My big dream for anyone who knows they have more to give, more to live and more to enjoy in their lives is to start fresh - as a new seed - and see where their evolution takes them.

I want to help you with that for the month of May.

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My first video and blog is up right now - talking all about how to SHOW UP. By now you know that's one of my favorite topics!