How To Conquer Conference-Goer Overwhelm

aboutmichele entrepreneurship travel Apr 08, 2019

The last time I was at a business conference was in 2006. It was for the direct selling business I had built, and I was in the top 1% of the company as a Director, top seller, and leader of a top-selling unit.

Since that conference, I’ve switch industries, switched what I provide and how I deliver it. With all of those changes and my remote and rural home location, I had settled into the (incorrect) assumption that I was alone in my business.

While I know I’m the ONLY image consultant/confidence coach that “does” image, color, style, confidence, mindset and personal branding like I do, this weekend proved that I am NOT alone in being a change-maker in helping people be their best with a unique process and delivery method.

From Friday to Sunday, in sunny Irvine, California, I was surrounded by almost 1200 like-minded digital entrepreneurs at the Kajabi Impact Summit who, no matter their expertise, are all in the business of helping others improve their lives in some way. It was amazing.

After these jam-packed days of listening to the best in the business like Brendon Bouchard, Chalene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, and James Wedmore, I’ve got three takeaways that every rising entrepreneur, excellence-driven professional or community influencer gal needs to know.

Own Your Influence

I live far from a much of my online community be they clients, connections or support team and sometimes it’s easy to feel that your wins are insignificant.

They are not! The wins you don’t have the opportunity to report to the masses or that you celebrate quietly with your inner circle of cheer-leaders are massive inspirations to someone else.

I couldn’t have known that my played-down, solo feeling success of over $100K for the part of my business that runs on the Kajabi platform, would help so many others feel excited to create their own success. It did.

The company marked this achievement with a pin I sported all weekend. Can you see it in the picture? Others stopped me to remark that they were excited to work their business to get to that achievement too.

Remember, your success permits others to create their own. Mark them, celebrate them and share them within a community that gets you, your work and your mission.

Commit To “Not Knowing”

I have an honors business degree in marketing strategy, and one of the most natural things I could have done is compare what I was learning to what I already know. I could have said, “Oh, yeah I know this” or “I remember that concept.”

It’s imperative we turn off the “I know “ switch since it blocks us from accepting new information. I turned it off and found new insights, bigger ah-has and a broader sense of connection to what I was learning. That is magic.

Create A Conference Intention

It is very easy to be swept up by the inspirational and motivational energy of others’ success stories at these events. This surge of emotion can work for or against you. Without a personal intention for why you are attending and where you will aim your learning for your own happiness, it’s hard to decide how that energy relates to your path, so you don’t get trapped in overwhelm or comparison as you leave.

I crafted my conference intention the day before it started. That way when I heard a speaker's message, I could layer their ideas over my aim. This way you never have to worry about comparing your beginning to other people's middles, becoming something you’re not and for being swept up in the emotion of re-creating and reinventing things that are working in your own business and life - just because you "heard it at a conference."

These strategies work not just for conference-going but for learning at any point in your journey. I hope they help you. Let me know on Instagram!