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How A Confidence Expert Survived Depression

Every successful person has an origin story.  Origin stories are a foundation for who you are and what you do. They are rarely all victories without some kind of knock-down defeat in there somewhere. I wanted to finally share my story.  Why? Because when we have the courage to tell our own story, we give permission to others to explore and do the same. I want to give you that permission.
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The Most Valuable Quality Time You'll Spend

Time is precious thing.  In a busy world, sometimes it’s hard to remember to spend time alone listening for your ‘true self.’ See why spending time alone can be a source of power and joy with a process Michele uses herself twice per year.
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Finding Magic In The Little Unexpected Moments

In an off-the-cuff moment, Michele shares one of her favorite poems.  Full of deep meaning and memory, it’s a call to be your best.

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What I Really Do That You May Not Realize

What I do for women is not for “fashion-hunters,” it’s for “impact-makers”.

I help women be noticed, be memorable and create a picture of total confidence for themselves and their public by teaching them to know every single detail about who they truly are, to rediscover their deep purpose and to present themselves for the lives they are creating.

It may start as I show them how to translate this refreshed spirit into a magnetically stylish image of presence that has people wanting to meet them, but it skyrockets when they 10x their own confidence and begin using that momentum to take action that changes their lives and the lives of those they serve, grow and love.

My process is no measly collection of “tips and tricks” is a juggernaut packed with one-of-a-kind proven personal brand marketing strategy, color psychology wizardry, evolving wardrobe framework, priceless personal growth, and an international support community of like-minded...

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How To Conquer Conference-Goer Overwhelm

The last time I was at a business conference was in 2006. It was for the direct selling business I had built, and I was in the top 1% of the company as a Director, top seller, and leader of a top-selling unit.

Since that conference, I’ve switch industries, switched what I provide and how I deliver it. With all of those changes and my remote and rural home location, I had settled into the (incorrect) assumption that I was alone in my business.

While I know I’m the ONLY image consultant/confidence coach that “does” image, color, style, confidence, mindset and personal branding like I do, this weekend proved that I am NOT alone in being a change-maker in helping people be their best with a unique process and delivery method.

From Friday to Sunday, in sunny Irvine, California, I was surrounded by almost 1200 like-minded digital entrepreneurs at the Kajabi Impact Summit who, no matter their expertise, are all in the business of helping others improve their lives...

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The Most Beautiful Way To See Yourself Differently


The most beautiful way to see yourself differently through the eyes of another who believes in you. Here is what happened to me.

In the last weeks, I’ve felt some old demons arise. I am not immune. I have dips too. Gratefully, I have a rock-solid way to turn the dip into a climb.

The cycle of dip-climb-soar happens over and over for everyone. No one can avoid it, but the most successful and fulfilled people have a way to turn feelings into understanding, understanding into resolve and resolve into action. It means you fold in and take time to see what life is teaching you. It means going quiet. It means stepping out of the noise to listen in the quiet of your own path.

We have a very particular kind of process in the #HueandStyle confidence mindset universe to reverse the dips. I’ve been working my process, and I always know I’ve turned my dip (“yellow to blue to green” reference for my GoalStyling clients) around when beautiful things begin...

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Use Your Voice: A Pre-Launch Reflection

Using your voice can be scary. “What if I’m judged. What if they don’t understand me. What if what I say isn’t important.” Are all thoughts that race anytime you want to put yourself “out there.” I know.

I remember the day opened my small-business marketing services store in my local community. I was 22. I was a tiny fish, a young pup, among what felt like giants. I stayed true to my marketing consulting services and excellence in it - offering results to my customers.

I remember the day I started my image consulting business and accepting new clients. I was scared ish-less to do a color draping and get her season wrong. I focused on honing a skill that I would come to see is a gift, not simply a talent.

I remember the day I flung the virtual doors open to my business and began offering my #HueandStyle magic globally. Talk about being scared. I was talking to the world, live about who I was, what I do and about why it’s far more than...

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My Origin Story: Dressing Myself Well

aboutmichele confidence Nov 14, 2018

Every superhero has a turning point in their origin story - how they come to be and own their magic, that they use to help others. I have mine too.

This photo was my very first Instagram post. I then shared it on my Facebook profile with the caption, "Everything must change nothing stays the same." I love that song.

It was at this time I was in the "sad times." I call it. I appeared confident on the outside. The world saw me as owning life, but deep down I was crumbling. It was a critical time and this time - Feb 2011 - was the turning point.

It was shortly after this photo that I began to renew how I saw myself in the mirror. I was my first Hue and Style image consulting client, and by changing how I saw myself, I shifted how I saw my contribution, I made new choices that supported my life and the sadness lifted.

By November 2011, I posted a new status, "Feeling happy all the way inside." What most don't know about me is I am my own case study. By my learning to dress well, by...

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The Gift of Resiliancy

aboutmichele confidence Jul 05, 2018

Some call it Grit.  I call it Resiliency. It’s the ability to bounce back and I think one of the most valuable qualities anyone can own.  It comes from experience.  You can’t fake it.

My resiliency comes from 3 experiences in my life:

  • Moving 2500km from home at 18 to go to university. I knew no one and had no idea how I was going to get my 2 suitcases and 1 cargo trunk to my dorm room when I arrived.  I figured it out.
  • My Dad’s passing when I was 24. He was teaching me about business and success. I wasn’t finished learning from him.  I found I had learned more than enough.
  • 100%-commission work. Selling a product, an opportunity and piece of mind taught me to see other’s needs and match my solution to them. I learned to not dwell on a “no” because a “yes” would be right behind it.

Each of these has taught me exactly what I need to know to be a leader to others at this moment in my life.  They...

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Who's The Lady? : A Re-introduction

Sometimes we get down deep in what we do and who we do it for, that we forget many people may be "meeting" us for the first time on social media or on our website.  

Since I teach my clients how to create a total image with their personal brand, I know it's so important to every now and then re-introduce yourself to the new eyes who are seeing you in the wide world of the internet.

This can be done with a new profile picture, a refreshed bio or even a full post dedicated to sharing what you do for those you serve - with a little bit of personality sprinkled in.

I recently posted an introduction on my Instagram and thought I would post it here too.  Nice to meet you if we haven't met yet - and if we have, I'm happy to catch up with you, Gal!

I’m late on #FridayIntroductions but I’m an Aquarius so I can play by my own rules! So for all who have joined me, welcome! My name is Michele - yes, with one "L".

One of my clients described me as "a life coach who...

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