Eyes: Colorful Windows To The Soul

community+giving back inspiration Dec 14, 2016

Eyes are the window to the soul - pools of endless color in harmony.  How did the Design class of Lakeland College know I believed this so deeply? Oh wait, I told them in my Image Works for Young Professionals talk last month.

Today, I received the most heart-warming thank you gift. Better than any other - a color map of their eyes!  In all their beautiful, individual, colorful detail and the arranged in hue design from browns, through amber and hazel, to moss to green and aqua, to teal and sky blue and dot the deepest pine green.

How wonderfully thoughtful. They have made an impression on me.  So glad I made an impression on them too. Their thank you messages were on the reverse of this collage: 

 “Michele! Thank you for being the most empowering guest speaker ever!”

“Thank you so much for coming.”

“Thanks for the confidence boost! I did cut my hair!”

“Motivating and Inspiring”
“You are so inspiring, Michele! Thank you!"

“You are amazing.”
“Best presentation! Loved it”

Much #HueAndStyleLove Lakeland College! OMG. It's official, my faith in the youth is strong with their creativity and insight.


~ MCG.