A Journey To Magnetic Confidence With Takiyah [PODCAST]

client interview confidence confidence shift conversations entrepreneurship Sep 02, 2021

Takiyah wanted to find her voice again - not only because it's her gift but so she could use it to change others as a music-ministry recording artist. But she was stuck in the ups and downs of life and couldn't seem to sweep the foggy self-doubt and heavy emotions of the pandemic to love her own mission and then to share it with others.
She thought finding new confidence in the mirror might help. She was right - and the shifts that came from "seeing herself differently" and owning her voice (literally) came with swift results.
She shared this about her journey:
Learn from her how:
 Learning to dress well despite the days that everyone else was wearing sweats and yoga pants renewed her motivation and results in her self-worth and business.
 Giving yourself permission to invest in a way to believe in who you see in the mirror can radically change how you approach and control every interaction, relationship and opportunity presented to you, big or small.
 Takiyah prepared for your day with a "styled" intention for helping others by dressing for it, transformed not only her closet but her way of living and loving her life - and how you can do it too.