Laugh hard. It's medicine.

2020reflection relationships resilience Dec 03, 2020
laugh hard. It's medicine.

Yesterday afternoon I was all set to have my afternoon siesta when my good friend from Atlanta messaged me. It wasn't long until we were on a voice call laughing until I cried. It happens almost every time we talk.

We always vow our check-in calls will be 5 minutes. They never are, and I got off the 54-minute call with a brand new outlook. I wasn't tired anymore. I didn't need my siesta, and more than that, I felt energized.

I realize what did it. It wasn't just a laugh that gave me new life to the day. It was a hard laugh. A hard laugh for me is one that forces tears out of my eyes, that has me gasping for breath to talk and forces my voice into this weird falsetto when I try to talk. It's a thing and all my closest friends who truly know me have experienced it. Ha. It's a thing. 

And the best part? I got the follow-up message I always get. About our chat...

Laugh hard. It's medicine.

Now, I think I'll measure my days by if and how hard I laughed. What a fun way to see if you're living in the best energy that leads to so much more.


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