The Longest New Year's Eve Ever

2020reflection mindset showupconfident Dec 01, 2020

I feel like the entire month of December is New Year's Eve. Usually, I spend the day floating around the house with my journal and pens with a moody, broody, sentimental kind of energy, wrapping up my year in lessons and gratitude.

This year, I feel like I need all of December. This year was fast and slow, big and small, up and down, so today, December 1 at 8:48 am MST, I decided to make December the longest new year's eve ever and write my way through it on my blog.

I need to get this year out of me in a way that feels creative, organic, and in the best way I know - like a journal. So here we go.

The Moment of Decision

This morning, I was at The Hubb's office when I decided to do this. It's where I go when the cleaning team comes to clean our house. I usually bring work to do with notebooks and agenda books of things to tell myself to do. Today, I brought those things but the last thing I tossed in my bag was my Moonchild Tarot deck by Danielle Noel.

This deck has become like a trusted friend, and this morning, I felt like I needed to talk. I was trying to sort out how to step out of this year and into 2021. Do I do what I've always done at this time of year? Do I do something different? I needed answers.

With a coffee cup, a work notebook turned to the back pages, and this deck of cards, I got my answer in the flip of 3 cards.

"What do you REALLY want right now?" - was the question those three pieces of cardstock prompted me to ask myself. And just like a trusted friend, they dropped breadcrumbs about everything I was feeling and wanted to feel next. Themes of embracing balance, values, and the newness of change were all there.

Sheesh, really? It's like everything I coach my clients through and that I spent seven months writing about in my book this year....really?

This is happening to me too?

It didn't take me long to see (and, more importantly, feel) what would make me happy right now. It was to do things a little differently than I had done in the last four years of my business.

I decided to let Michele rest - let my mind rest, let my heart rest, let my creativity rest.

So that's what I'm going to do. And there's the lesson:

When you crave rest, you're likely long overdue for it𝕄ℂ𝔾

In that "whispered lesson" of self-worth kind of decision, came this idea to blog rose like the sun over a horizon as a way to honor this extraordinary year and my time to rest.

Some days may be longer, some shorter, some a significant insight, some just enjoying the moment, some with my voice, maybe a video - I don't know! It'll be what moves me. No matter what, I'm here to make December the longest New Year's Eve ever.


If you'd like to join me, I'd love to have you. I'll be blogging here so you can bookmark this 2020 reflection blog tag to read all the posts and if you want, find me on IG.