Makeup Hack: Save Your Face & Your Image

makeup tips Jul 26, 2018

You have to know from me by now that the #1 thing people notice about your image is YOUR FACE!

So...keeping it "well kept" by cleaning your makeup brushes (every 2 weeks if you can) is a must! Here's a fun hack for you. Use Dawn dish detergent for the "wash" cycle in your brush care.

It cuts the grease that is the oil from your skin and strips all that bacteria harboring 'goo' off your the bristles of your brush - especially if they are natural hair. Many of you may not know that I was a skin care professional and makeup artist for 15 years - I always used Dawn to clean my brushes and have had some for those same brushes for the same length of time. It's tried and tested.

Save your skin from bacteria, save your complexion from breakouts. EVERYBODY go wash your brushes this weekend and report down below how it went for ya inside the Art of Dressing In Confidence for Success community on Facebook! You can even post your own hack!