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Why You're Taking Wearing Color For Granted [PODCAST]

Wearing color can be fun but consider who you could influence silently if you used it strategically.  In this micro-episode, Michele explains why one hue does not emit one meaning and why typical color psychology color meanings are incomplete for you to use color as a personal brand marketing superpower.  Today, you’ve got your Hue and Style® color expert in the house....
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Makeup Hack: Save Your Face & Your Image

makeup tips Jul 26, 2018

You have to know from me by now that the #1 thing people notice about your image is YOUR FACE!

So...keeping it "well kept" by cleaning your makeup brushes (every 2 weeks if you can) is a must! Here's a fun hack for you. Use Dawn dish detergent for the "wash" cycle in your brush care.

It cuts the grease that is the oil from your skin and strips all that bacteria harboring 'goo' off your the...

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