Pay Attention To How You Do Something

2020reflection showupconfident success Dec 05, 2020

I have this thing about being on the floor when I need to sort something creative out. Yesterday afternoon I pulled up a piece of carpet in my Hue and Style® HQ. I had meaningful work to do.

I was sorting out what I'll be teaching to my advanced mentorship clients next week to prepare for the new year. I thought I would teach the same lesson we did last year, but it doesn't seem to fit after this 2020-ness of the year.

I decided to resurrect the "teach" I did two Decembers ago. It's about honing in on the verbs - the doing words - that move the way we live out our days. It then focuses on the adjectives - the "-ly" words - that influence how we carry out those doing words. It worked so darn well for my clients' clarity and their 2019 success, I'm going to teach it again with a twist!

This "teach" felt right.

If there is one thing that 2020 taught us all, it's:

Pay attention to how you do something.
It's how you'll do everything.

Think over your last year. (Ain't it the truth?)

After I came to this conclusion on the success lesson to teach, I felt relief - always a sign that I got the "whispered lesson" in the present moment. (I know I keep mentioning Whispered Lessons. It's a way to see your life for growth I share in Show Up Confident.)

Then, I uncrossed my legs, picked myself up, and to made lunch. I was done my meaningful work for the day. That always offers a sense of relief too.


If you'd like to join me for the month of December, I'd love to have you. I'll be blogging here so you can bookmark this 2020 reflection blog tag to read all the posts and if you want, find me on IG.


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