Spring Clean Your (Heart) Space

change+transition life coach life+style Apr 05, 2022
With the first burst of energy I’ve had after being ill, I took on the spring cleaning of Hue and Style® HQ. I had no intentions of doing it, but walking past the half-open door and seeing clutter around my desk, bits and pieces for my upcoming photoshoot piled up, and client notes stacked on top of idea notebooks, on top of agendas, something said, "Oh, no. It's time."
I've learned to listen to those whispers.
I turned on my heel the minute I heard the whisper and cracked the door wider to the stale air and dim shade that made my head heavy even on a non-work day. Time to light this thing up!
I flung open the curtains, raised the blinds, put some envigorating lemon-orange essential oil blend in the diffuser, turned on some Lights: Little Machines, and started.
Toss, stack, file. Sort, pause for sentiment, toss.
I kept on as I kept singing and finished in less time than I had anticipated.
Everything that had meaning was where I needed it to be, and everything that wasn't was gone.
The above sentence is the aim of an actual "purge" or "clear out" to me, whether it be in your closet, your home, head or heart:
Place everything that has meaning where it needs to be. Let go of everything else.
And just as I finished, I got confirmation that all was as it should be because the sun caught my prism in the window and cast a clear rainbow spectrum to bless my renewed space.
That's right. That wonderfully perfect rainbow is not a filter. I turned around to make one last check of my progress, and there it was. I had just enough time to grab my camera before the sun continued on its speedy path and caused it to fade and disappear. 
I smiled, gathered up the trash and let the prism, rainbow hue energy hang in the space.
(Elite clients, you know how much we love a Prism, don't we?)
Spring clean indeed...
...for the space and my head and heart space too.
Relief set in. 
I see this rush of ease with my clients too, when I teach them my intentional way of clearing (or what you might call purging) a closet. If you are connected to the process, you'll not only clean your space but honor and celebrate what you are releasing.
Before you can invite newness into your life, you have to make space for it.
I'm in a season of change in many ways, and everything around me is shifting to meet this evolution of MCG: A website refresh is in the works; the balance of my energy is moving toward serving those who hold the most meaning for me putting family as I help them navigate significant upcoming changes; my clients in active mentorship as they trust me deeper to find greater momentum into new aligning their lives with their visibility.
I'm letting go of everything else that does not have direct, heart-connected meaning and guess what it feels like - relief. 
It may be cliche, but it's valid and worth saying again that when you release the old, you create so much more room for the kind of good you seek to rush in to fill the space.
And it does.
So what do you seek in your "spring clean"? More peace? More freedom? More fun? More connection? More money? More independence?
They are all possible with the tools to be intentional about what you keep and toss - in your closet, head, heart -- life. The next question you get to ask is, "Do I have the tools to be intentional?"

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