Your Dreams vs. Your Comfort Zone

quotes Apr 28, 2017

This week, I ran a 3-Day challenge in my Facebook community. If you haven't experienced a "Michele challenge," let's just say, it ain't no "fluffy" challenge.

I ask my participants hard questions. I challenge their thinking of their status quo. I teach them that the conventional thinking they have held is wrong and is what is holding them back. And then I ask them to personal responsibility and action based on that teaching in their homework assignments.

A typical thing happens. As it does in life. Everyone runs out of gate excited eager and optimistic. As I challenge them, the homework takes longer to be posted, deeper more personal insights start emerging from those brave enough to stay the course and then the inevitable happens. It happens every time. By Day 3, there were only a fraction of those that started who finish.

Welcome to life. Most people won't stay the course and be challenged out of what is comfortable. It's what keeps them stuck. It's not your skills or your website or someone else's fault that you don't get the results you long for, it's you and your discomfort with discomfort. I have news for dreams are won from a comfort zone. Stay there if your life is everything you dream right now. If it's not, well......

What you gain when you leave that comfort zone is the real prize because on the other side of it is the true freedom of Confidence to do and be more than you ever imagined.


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