The 2 Things You Need To Attract What You Desire

Self-love helps you attract what you desire. Confidence helps you claim it. 

One thing comes before the other before success.

Self-love helps you raise what you believe you deserve, but confidence "the sureness of self and that self-value is actually the thing that helps you turn that self-love into action to claim it.

You need both - one before the other. Do them both at the same time,...

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The 5C's of Supportive Relationships & Personal Success Teams

quotes showupconfident May 11, 2021

๐—›๐—ผ๐—น๐˜† ๐—ฆ๐—บ๐—ผ๐—ธ๐—ฒ๐˜€! I didn’t realize that five short verbs combined as a way to understand your relationships would hit as it did!

After my segment on CTV Your Morning yesterday (previous post), I got DMs and private messages all around my social media sharing how you loved the simple reminder to assess the people you have in your life.

I came to this simplified five after many relationship shifts...

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Gratitude Helps Give Peace To Grief

It was a quiet and restful weekend as our #gustafsontrio complete with a quick road trip, great foodie adventures and some family downtime. Filling me with this sentiment: 

Gratitude Helps Give Peace To Grief 

That felt good.

Then, I did a dance...

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Women Change The World With Their Confidence [IWD2021]

Have you ever noticed that when you've decided to own your value and your voice, you see others around you start to do it too?
Cool, right? Let me share why that happens.
As one person offers an example to another about what it looks like to claim their uniqueness, set their boundaries, stand up for supportive relationships, step into their gifts and share their Meaningful Outcome, it gives...
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On "Being Intimidating"

I got a question on my Instagram Stories yesterday and it’s always one of the biggest worries for women. It was about how not to come across as intimidating with personal image in male-dominated arenas.

I have an answer for all arenas.

If you have a rock-solid level of self-assurance and show up like it, you will ALWAYS be intimidating to somebody.

I want you to know that this...

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The Blissful Breakthrough That Happens When You Show Up With Purpose

I'm not sure how to articulate what I feel. I'm writing this just after getting off my New Year-New Season Intention Setting session with my advanced mentorship clients. I taught a lesson on how to frame intentions in a whole new way - a way I've never seen or heard done before - and it landed with my people. Boy, did it land.
I watched these women's eyes light up with possibly,...
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Start Anything With Confidence. Finishing Everything With Confidence.

Your ability to Show Up Confident begins with giving yourself time to discover your next level. If you are beginning anything, save this as a reminder.


Then, when you finish, celebrate! Confidence is built every time you finish something and learn from it. If you are finishing, save this and post it as a reminder to yourself about your journey.

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You Are Being Prepared For A Success You Can't Yet See

I shared this in an Instagram post a short few hours after I did this Facebook Live broadcast that, I have to say, was the one I am most proud of in my almost 5-year live-broadcasting history.

My intention was to share how to be more productive and confident starting with how you get dressed.  It turned into something more.

It turned emotional - not for myself but for hope for you - about...

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When The World Is Loud, Create Your Own Peace

inspiration mindset quotes Mar 15, 2020

Peace means different things to everyone but there is one thing that is true for all of us, we all get overwhelmed.

The causes may be different, the circumstances may be varied but we ALL have times of overwhelm. That’s when the world seems to get loud. Have you noticed it? When you do, find your peace. Not always a place of quiet but always a place of joy.

I shoveled freshly fallen...

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Women Change The World With Their Confidence


:: By Michele Charles Gustafson ::

When women have the sureness of self, we can do anything.
We say “yes” when they want to.
We say “no” when they need to.
We give when we can’t.
We give more when we can.
We stand up when we are compelled.
We sit down when we are ready.
Our words speak.
Our works speak louder....

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