Knowing What To Call Your Personal Style Isn't Enough

fashion style Feb 01, 2018

You know it. Great. The buzz words - “preppy,” “classic,” “trendy,” “sophisticated” - those kinds of buzz words that the style world is but on...

Now, what do you do with it? What does it really mean? Why does it matter?

What you don’t know is that while there are a roster of positive presence-building qualities that go with a personal style story, the ones that actually work against you are the disconnecting ones you don’t realize you are sending... you’re just trying to get dressed and feel good about how you look - you think.

Lady, we all have insecurities. And what you don’t realize is that by default without knowing, you are portraying those self-doubt characteristics in how you dress

Some of you look intimidating to your audience, others can’t seem to command presence for people to take you seriously.

So how do you dress in a way that communicates the best parts of you and not turn people off or are push them away?

Learn the silent language of clothing and image. It’s not just in how you dress...

It’s how you speak about your business.
It’s how you show your audience you understand their values by what you wear, AND
It how you communicate that your own values are aligned with them.

It’s how you do all of that within a 3-second first impression.

That’s how you build trust instantly.

Fashionistas like to know the “name” of their personal style.

Hue and Style women are committed to leveling up and knowing how to use their profile to communicate about themselves to their ideal audience like a great commercial. Subliminal messages and all.

If you could send the right message to your ideal audience, what would you say? (Within 3 seconds that is...)