2017: The Year Of Detachment

confidence inspiration Dec 29, 2017

Sometimes you have to let go of the old. Old beliefs about yourself, who you think you should be, who you think you want to be, who you think you serve, who you think you are supposed to be to serve them, who you see is supporting you who and who you are to everyone around you.

Sometimes you have to let go to let more in.

I did just that this year - Detachment. And while the word sounds cold or lonely, it really isn’t. It’s self-loving-kindness at its core and it’s Faith in action because to practice true Detachment, you have to believe that “it’s all working for your good” no matter what you see with your eyes.

Detachment will show your true gifts. It will whisper how to use them. It allows you to go within and find a value you didn’t know you had. It let you be vulnerable with yourself and reveals those who are safety nets for your vulnerable state too. It helps you to grow courage - to practice bravery in the face of fear - because you know that what to seek is true to you and that truth is no one else’s business but your own.

Detachment is not easy. It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient. Always but it’s necessary to grow. And doesn’t always have to “hurt” or be a “struggle” to understand that it’s working.

And as I reflect on 2017, I realize that every single woman I mentored this year found what I what I found. They found Detachment and in it, Freedom of self - first in how they dress & present themselves to be seen as confident, unapologetic versions of themselves but most importantly in how they see themselves from the inside; they are free.

I know why it was such a groundbreaking and successful year in my business 💡because I taught what I was learning.

In 20 years of being an entrepreneur, I learned this early how you run your life is how you run your business. Always...and if that’s the case...

I can’t wait to see who comes to me with my 2018 intention. By all accounts, it going to be even more epic. And so it is.

Happy New Year.