2019 Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

color personalbranding style Dec 31, 2018

Every year, color authority Pantone releases it’s Color of the Year! It’s always so exciting for me as a color expert to see how this influencer will be driving color’s direction in everything from fashion to art, to home decor and design. Pantone’s reach is far and wide but just as I counsel my clients, just because the “authority” has told you what the “it” thing is, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Color is personal. It’s infinite nature combined with your unique features in your skin tone, eye color, hair levels, and contrasts mean some color will flatter you more than others.  That’s why a personalized palette is essential to any powerfully magnetic wardrobe.  It creates cohesion, brilliantly unexpected combinations and makes you stand out in just right way.
This year’s color of the year is Living Coral. Pantone describes it as “animating and life-affirming” that “welcomes light-hearted activity."
For my clients, they will immediately know if (1) it will flatter them based on its dominant characteristic of warmth and secondary component of brightness, and (2) if it aligns with their personal brand values.  (Yes, the meaning of a single color can do that).
For those who don’t have a personalized set of hues, you may find that when you try this color, it will cause your skin to appear sallow, it may create blue-black circles under your eyes, or it may even generate ruddiness in your cheeks.  These are all signs that the properties of this hue DO NOT harmonize with your natural coloring.
The only way to honestly know is to be expertly color draped. There is more to color than the old 1980s 4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn - in fact, I color drape using 12 seasons to get a personalized match used to build a beautifully colorful wardrobe.
You can see some of my clients gorgeous Hue and Style® combinations here. When the power of personalized color and it’s three levels of color psychology are used in conjunction with your personal brand, not only do you shine but your audience knows exactly how to react to relate to you - the first step of building any connection in business, community or relationship!
What do you think of Living Coral?