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What Is More Important Than Simple Fashion Sense

color fashion style Apr 25, 2019


Formality, not fashion sense, is the secret to always looking appropriate in any situation with your image.  

Recently working with clients locally and far-flung, I showed them how garments with different formalities can send completely different messages about your presence. (Just 2 out of 4 here I used to teach this concept). I impressed on them why it is SO important to know your audience and to know what position you play in their minds and then how to portray it with the right garments, colors, and accessories. They saw how Hue And Style strategy has nothing to do with shopping for what’s trendy this season.  Fashion is a tool to be used for image presence built on formality.

A couple of my clients are leaders in their church communities which means they need to look approachable yet powerful to their congregations.

Together with their personal color palettes and wardrobe strategy they could see how the people around them would see them...

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2019 Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

Every year, color authority Pantone releases it’s Color of the Year! It’s always so exciting for me as a color expert to see how this influencer will be driving color’s direction in everything from fashion to art, to home decor and design. Pantone’s reach is far and wide but just as I counsel my clients, just because the “authority” has told you what the “it” thing is, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Color is personal. It’s infinite nature combined with your unique features in your skin tone, eye color, hair levels, and contrasts mean some color will flatter you more than others.  That’s why a personalized palette is essential to any powerfully magnetic wardrobe.  It creates cohesion, brilliantly unexpected combinations and makes you stand out in just right way.
This year’s color of the year is Living Coral. Pantone describes it as “animating and...
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2 Unexpected (Yet Powerful) Uses Of Color In Your Life

color Nov 07, 2018

Right now, there is a huge chance that you don’t realize how powerful color is in your life.  I mean, you may generally agree with me that it boosts your mood or makes you face more vibrant but unless you’ve learned the deeper power of it, you just can’t know how powerful it is.

That also means you don’t know how to use it in your life to do two very amazing things:

  1. To shift your mindset every day toward personal power that creates the motivation to take on your life with confidence. It does that.
  2. To silently speak to your audience no matter who they are - your potential clients, your communities, your upper management, your husband and partner. Color influences others to act. Yes, it does that, too.

So while I love that you love color as I do, I want you to know there is more to it than meets the eye (pun intended).  There is more to learn and if you are on a mission to help, change, impact and transform others, it’s a tool in your image...

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2017 Color of The Year - Greenery

color Jan 10, 2017

Pantone, the color authority, has named the 2017 color of the year! Introducing Greenery!

Greenery is a yellow-green. Its hue is warm and chroma bright. Its psychology is on of energetic renewal. Think of the first-day-of-spring green and match green tea both are reinvigorating.

And now for my Personal Color Expert take on this color and what I know you WON’T do with it!
Because of its hue, this color will either enliven your complexion when it harmonizes with personal color makeup OR this color has the power to make you look seriously sick. It has a high saturation level which also means that if it’s NOT in balance to your personal color harmony it will not only make you look ill but will overpower you.

Greenery has a very powerful color psychology - a specific message it sends to the person looking at it on you. What I know for sure is that only 1% of this group will know exactly when to wear in your day to command attention and impress on influence. Teaching this kind...

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