All of Her: A Total Makeover for a Lloydminster Woman

community+giving back featured in lloydminster magic confidence Feb 07, 2020

"Women change the world with their confidence." ~MCG

On February 6, at the 9th Annual Inspiring Women's Conference, I was excited to be a contributing sponsor in the All of Her Makeover.

Local women were nominated by their peers and the title sponsors chose a deserving local lady who is making a transition in her life.  She received a makeover package of products and services from Lloydminster providers to help her look her best.

To help her feel her best, I gifted her access to my digital course, Magic Confidence and a copy of my book Angel In Your Heart so she could take who she is starting to see in the mirror to a whole new level of self-assurance.  Magic Confidence helps any woman design a daily confidence renewing practice that sticks. 

As she rediscovers her best gifts and talents, she is able to match what she sees in the mirror with a mindset that supports her growth.

New confidence that has the potential to become permanent needs 3 important things.

  1. A self-discovery process - Finding out the best parts of self that have made life successful. These traits become the seeds to new purpose.
  2. A shift in mindset - Action always follows mindset.  Action alone without a change in underlying beliefs that may be holding you back will cause you to slip into old patterns.  Shifting the mindset that is growing and quiets old limiting beliefs is the key to any permanent change.
  3. A physical representation of change - "Seeing yourself as the woman you are becoming" anchors new mindsets.  Dressing intentionally that represents your refreshed sense of self transforms simply style into personal power, and it's proven by science! (This kind of transformation is my specialty)
  4. A support system - I've been mentoring women for 22+ years and if there is one thing I know for sure it's that women don't change permanently if they are not surrounded by women changing in the same way.  It just doesn't stick. Your support system needs specific characteristics to feed your growth starting with championing your growth, cheering you on and checking-in on your progress. This is what becomes the wind in your sails for your best growth.

Amanda K. was the winner and with Magic Confidence, the sponsors' help and the community of women in the room, she has the chance to claim all four. What a start to a powerful new change.

I wish her all the best as she makes a confident new step in 2020 and beyond.

Photo Credit: Haley Stene Photography

Photo Credit: Yellow Finch Images

Thank you KT and Company for offering the conference to Lloydminster and area women and for having me as a sponsor.

Local Contributing Sponsors:

Vivid Salon • Spa • Wellness

Candice Willetts - Makeup Artist

Noyce Photography

Brixton Shoes & Accessories

The Silver Mannequin 

What a wonderful way to celebrate one woman's new season of confidence - thank you for all you do.