Seat of Confidence | Podcast Interview

In a chat that could have lasted for hours, Sarajane and I cover what it takes to capture lasting confidence. No matter what your Enneagram profile, a new spark in your greatness and your next success lies in what we share!

My favorite nugget by far was:

"When we look at the points in our lives that will show us where we can activate ourselves for greater confidence, we look at the times in...

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Show Compassion With Your Words | CTV Your Morning

You can use your words as powerful communicators to offer kindness and compassion to those you care about. I shared with Ben on Your Morning the fundamentals of active listening & my favorite 4 phrases you can use to lift those in your life up.



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5 Ways To Cherish The Most Important Relationship You'll Ever Have

[Originally posted on Thrive Global]

On the day of love, it's easy to focus on the relationships that surround us and give them acknowledgment and appreciation, but are you missing someone?

You buy chocolates and flowers for your partner or spouse.
You shower your kids, nieces, and nephews with heart-shaped cinnamon heart candies.
You send a card or text to your friends, sharing your heart with...

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Expressing Yourself From Behind The Mask | CTV Your Morning

Having half of your face covered is a challenge for sharing connections these days. I shared with Ben on Your Morning about how to express positivity, warmth and welcome using other parts of your non-verbal communication. A vital skill to building trust and rapport.



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Optimism & Hope For A New Year | CTV Your Morning

On the edge of a new year, I shared with Kelsey on Your Morning about how to remove the pressure of "resolutions" and replace it with the magic of "intentions." It's a shift that can change your confidence and how you approach any new season of life. 



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Make Your 3 Second First Impression Count | CTV Your Morning

I shared with Your Morning host Anne-Marie Mediwake why first impressions are just 3 seconds long yet mean so much for your ability to show up for your day, goals and life.



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Show Up Confident & Motivated | CTV Morning Live

I shared the importance of leaving comfy pants behind no matter what the uncertainty and embracing a new way to get ready for your day.



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Confidence For A New Season | Podcast Interview

The season is changing (in so many ways) and I’m grateful. There is so much good to come - for all of us.

One thing that will never change - my Hue And Style hues will always coordinate with my intention, mission and nature.

This Cranberry with Burgundy combo silently shares with you the direction and values behind my new book and if you’re digging it, you’ll love my book. Its...

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Collaboration: IMAN Cosmetics x Hue And Style

I was so excited when IMAN Cosmetics reached out to me to share my message encouraging women to #GetUpAndDressed especially in times of CoVid-19 uncertainty.

They shared my image boosters for a little more power, productivity, and presence to their over 400,000 fans and followers.

I am grateful and humbled to work with such a brand that wants to empower women to keep showing...

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3 Helpful Ways To Move Through Your Feelings Right Now

[Orginally published on Thrive Global]

I read an article today that said the discomfort we're all feeling right now is grief. *Intrigued* I dove into the piece that shared our collective feelings of loss of certainty have us all going through the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and finally acceptance.

I compared the feelings I've had over the last couple of weeks to the...

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