Prairie Author Interview Feature | Lloydminster

Thank you to Coles (Lloyd Mall) for including me in their feature amongst other local authors! I enjoyed sharing a few behind-the-scenes of writing it. And "thank all" of my readers who continue to let me know how my "heart on pages" has helped you!

And as always, you can read the complete first chapter completely free at 

Read the feature here:
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Mindfulness For A More Meaningful Life | CTV Your Morning


Starting a mindfulness practice based on everyday tasks can help you stay present,  improve your outlook and give you more power to take on your days no matter the uncertainty or changing situations.


  • Intrigued by the power of mindful dressing?   CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can use it for your goals.
  • Listen to me talk about...
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Manifest New Year Possibilities 2022 | CTV Your Morning


At the turn of a new year, it's natural to think about what you want to create next. I share how to approach your new year with a beginner's guide to manifesting your dreams with crystal clear intention and a magnetically optimistic feeling. Watch the segment with Sonia here:


  • Start now with the limited-time Confident Intentions Planner. CLICK HERE to...
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Summer Self-Care Starts With Passion & Growth | Collaboration

When the ladies at Passion and Growth shared that the theme for their July subscription box was "Confidence," you know I couldn't resist but jump in with both feet!

Passion and Growth is a monthly treat box of self-care goodies all themed to help you take a minute or two for yourself and focus on what is really important to you in your life.

To me, 

"Passion" is about owning your...

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Communication Skills To Boost Your Personal Brand | CTV Your Morning

After more than a year of digitally dominant communication, polish your personal brand & professional communication by embracing 3 super valuable yet commonly overlooked communication skills that help you get ready for new opportunities. Watch the segment with Ben here:


 about your personal branding presence and skills! CLICK HERE.

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Build Your Personal Success Team With 5C's | CTV Your Morning

Studies show you become like the 5 people you connect with most. On CTV Your Morning, I shared my 5C's of the kind of relationships that support and skyrocket your confidence. This message is so near and dear to me. I expand on it in Show Up Confident! Watch the segment with Lindsey here:



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Meet Me In Locale YLL Magazine | Cover Story & Interview

When magazine creator and local Lloydminster champion, Kimberly Steier, asked me to be her cover story for the April Issue of Locale YLL Magazine, I was speechless.

She shared that she knew she had to meet me after hearing "my name in the streets" from my image-confidence clients & long-standing community networks. She shared that she was determined to me and boldly reached out.

(I love...

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Seat of Confidence with Sarahjane Case | Podcast Interview

In a chat that could have lasted for hours, Sarajane and I cover what it takes to capture lasting confidence. No matter what your Enneagram profile, a new spark in your greatness and your next success lies in what we share!

My favorite nugget by far was:

"When we look at the points in our lives that will show us where we can activate ourselves for greater confidence, we look at the times in...

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Show Compassion With Your Words | CTV Your Morning

You can use your words as powerful communicators to offer kindness and compassion to those you care about. I shared with Ben on Your Morning the fundamentals of active listening & my favorite 4 phrases you can use to lift those in your life up.


 about your personal branding presence and skills! CLICK HERE.

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5 Ways To Cherish The Most Important Relationship You'll Ever Have

[Originally posted on Thrive Global]

On the day of love, it's easy to focus on the relationships that surround us and give them acknowledgment and appreciation, but are you missing someone?

You buy chocolates and flowers for your partner or spouse.
You shower your kids, nieces, and nephews with heart-shaped cinnamon heart candies.
You send a card or text to your friends, sharing your heart with...

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