Be Well Right Now [PODCAST]

I thought I had nothing to say during this time of uncertainty and unrest when I hit record but it turns out I always have something to say. It’s simple and imperfect but from my heart. I hope it helps you see an opportunity to see yourself differently now that will be a superpower later - after all this is over.
Finding meaning in the craziness comes in a certain way.  I explain and give you some insights about how to start now - even amongst the chaos.
One way to begin the redefinition I talk about to this episode is to begin or re-adopt a journaling practice. Now it is more important than ever to embrace what you can do to nurture yourself. Want to talk about the episode? Find me on Instagram on the podcast account or in my Facebook group.
During your time off, I want to help you begin creating a personal practice that is so powerful it can actually make you healthier and happier! (True story, studies have shown it.)
Begin your own 7x7 Journal Project guided by me (yes, for FREE) >>
I’ve created all new deep-diving journal prompts and I’m even going to create a special place inside my Facebook group if you want to chat about what you discover. I’ll send you all the details when you sign up!
Can’t wait to hear what you discover and above all else, be well.

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