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3 Helpful Ways To Move Through Your Feelings Right Now

[Orginally published on Thrive Global]

I read an article today that said the discomfort we're all feeling right now is grief. *Intrigued* I dove into the piece that shared our collective feelings of loss of certainty have us all going through the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and finally acceptance.

I compared the feelings I've had over the last couple of weeks to the...

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Be Well Right Now

I thought I had nothing to say during this time of uncertainty and unrest when I hit record but it turns out I always have something to say. It’s simple and imperfect but from my heart. I hope it helps you see an opportunity to see yourself differently now that will be a superpower later - after all this is over.
Finding meaning in the craziness comes in a certain way....
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