How To Buy The Best Swimsuit For Your Body (And Confidence)

body image confidence life+style midlife shopping style Jul 05, 2023
 This is your sign to wear your suit. Just wear it, already. 
Gained weight?
Wear it. 
Think you don't have a shape at all?
Wear it.
Went through a health scare?
Wear it.
Grateful for a recovery?
Wear it.
Had a baby last year, two years ago, a decade ago, two decades ago?
Wear it. 
Changed shape due to hormones?
Wear it. 
Know this, Lady. There is always a suit for you. 
And there is a straight path to finding it every single time, regardless of age or life stage.
That easy path to your best suit is to learn every curve, proportion and measurement (there are 16 of them - not just bust, waist and hip) and know how to interpret them to find what will fit and flatter you, your preferences and your lifestyle. Here's everything you need to buy the best swimsuit for your body and confidence:
  • Your measurements
  • Your proportions (the relationship between the measurements)
  • The feature you love
  • The feature you wish to minimize
  • Your personalized color palette & color psychology message
  • Your self-expression message you want the world to know about you in your suit.
  • How to use empowered language to ask for what you know works from the sales associate or how to find it online and know it will work with you get it.
These elements give you power and keep you from "going in blind" to a store. If you go in "blind" to the swimsuit store, you'll listen to everything outside yourself: the sales clerk, your friends, even Pinterest - and none of those can know what is right for you better than you once you learn yourself from the inside out.
Imagine being armed with the knowledge to find:
  • Use color to add confidence to your beach and poolside presence. 
  • Use pattern and texture to add shape to your body.
  • Use fool-proof personalized shopping skills that have you in and out of the swim store dressing room in under 30 minutes (and not shedding one tear).
You have to learn these skills. No woman comes out of the womb knowing them. So give yourself a break and know that there's an easier way.
We, women of the Hue and Style® universe, learn the skills to hunt down and buy what we know always works for us. And that is so dang EMPOWERING (you can't know how much unless you've experienced it!)
In my own body acceptance and swimwear journey, it goes like this:
I've always liked a bandeau top, a two-piece suit. And even though I've experienced the ups, downs and sideways of life just like you, I found and bought this new suit for the summer using my #HueAndStyle skills in under 20 minutes with no help from a sales girl who could only say to the women in the dressing room beside me, "Oh, that looks cute." Or "That's pretty." (None, helpful for knowing if something truly works).
I walked out, saving money, and time, and, best of all, pumped about my body and the suit that suits me. 
(When was the last time you said that?)
And even though I'm just like you, who has experienced body changes over the last few years, I am grateful for my tools and that I teach my clients that help us shuffle our thoughts out of negative self-talk and into empowered choice-making.
And guess what, did you know that how you choose your clothes affects the psychology of how you run your days? What you say to yourself in the mirror, picking up or putting on your swimsuit, affects how you show up for everything.
That's the science behind dressing that I teach my women to master.
And listen…
But in the end, life is short. The sun can't Shine every day (isn't that a song). Part of owning your confidence is fitting what you think and love about yourself into the present moment, which, for me, included the feeling of the sun on my skin as my hubby paddled me around the lake on our anniversary day at the beach last week. 
So, here's your summer challenge, wear your suit (and get out there). 
No one knows what you and your body have been or are going through. 
Honor it by learning its very curve and measurement, and then celebrate with what is right for you - heart and mind, head to toe.
#showupconfident #notesbymcg 
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