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How Body Image Is Actually Linked To Amazing Success

Your body image has the power to sabotage your ability to create success. It’s been proven by dressing psychology. Listen as Michele shares why “body love” is not enough to shift your confidence.  It’s about showing yourself - and your brain - to create action and momentum toward your goals.


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Conquer Body Image Demons With Image Confidence

body image confidence Jul 31, 2017

Here I am paddle boarding this past weekend. I just got home and posted this reflection on my Instagram. I hope it offers you inspiration, Gals! 

"I wanted to tell you that you look so awesome in your bikini!" For me, who has been plagued with past body image demons, depression because of it and conquered that crippling negative voice, this kind of compliment still catches me off guard.

I've made it my work to help other women conquer the limiting beliefs that crush their confidence by connecting them to a new self-acceptance with their body, their image, and their personal power. The major reason I can do it and transform others with life-altering results is that I was there myself.

When I learned to explore every inch, every measurement and every proportion of my body and then how to dress it in flattering balance and perfectly aligned personal expression, the self-acceptance I created in myself brought me back from the brink.

Many see me a someone who could never have...

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