The Importance of Self-Discovery with Joy Sutton | Podcast Interview

The season is changing (in so many ways) and I’m grateful. There is so much good to come - for all of us.

One thing that will never change - my Hue And Style hues will always coordinate with my intention, mission and nature.

This Cranberry with Burgundy combo silently shares with you the direction and values behind my new book and if you’re digging it, you’ll love my book. Its release is imminent.

The reviews from early readers tell me it’s going to be powerful for those who choose to take its journey.

And if you want to hear my passion for the book’s message and my work, I share a just a bit on the Joy Sutton Show podcast.  My segment starts at 13:06.

Having the confidence to show up is huge. I help women do it with color, personal brand image and purpose. 



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