Why There's No Such Thing As Finding A "Signature Style"

fashion hue and style philosophy style Nov 27, 2023
There’s no such thing as finding a "signature style".
No matter what you hear.
No matter what people say.
No matter what the fashion “influencers” try to tell you.
A "signature style" implies that it's static, stuck and final. Nah. That's a myth.
What there is? Is creating an "evolving style."
You see, the way you present yourself (your style included but every other way someone experiences you) needs to do three jobs:
  • communicate your inner truth,
  • connect with those you help, and
  • cultivate trust over time to build a reputation for your ideal audience, whether for your business, your career's upper management or your future love interest.
The relationship between these jobs changes when you do, like when your career shifts, when the kids leave home, when your hormones change your body and even when you experience a loss or grief.
That's why trying to find your "signature style" by buying clothes or doing a wardrobe purge after purge is like cramming your growth into a tin can. There's no room for redefining your full self-expression confidence.
So remember, next time you are scrolling through all that 'style stuff' online or trying a fashion-hack video making you doubt yourself, ask yourself, does this help me see myself in a new, evolved way? Am I connecting my confidence with my self-expression?
If it's not? Just scroll away. (You'll thank me.)
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