A Reflection: The Beauty of Not Getting What You Expect

news+media personalbranding showupconfident speaking May 30, 2020

I didn't get what I expected at the Gem Conference.

I thought I was going to talk about how a strategic image builds your personal brand. ⁣

I thought I was going to talk about the ABCs of image strategy and the importance of getting them woven together to build your reputation and business.⁣

I thought I was going to talk about claiming rock-solid confidence to that new strategy by learning to attach powerful performance psychology to the clothing you wear every day.⁣

That's what I thought I was going to talk about at the Gem Conference. I didn't get what I expected. ⁣

Instead, in the last 5 minutes of a 40-minute session, I spoke about the essence that makes any personal brand, business, a life of fulfillment, or social change work. ⁣

⁣I spoke about the power of owning your values, having the courage to stand for them, and speak through them no matter what you do. Making this the aim alone will start to produce the spark of the most authentic personal brand you could ever want, the kind where you don't have to "think about" what you say or "curate a message." It's the kind of personal brand you live - every day you get up, every day you get dressed, and every day you show up to change lives with who you are and what you do.⁣

⁣Today, I thought I was going to guide the audience through what to do to be a better person with their personal brand. Instead, I let flow through me what we all can do to be a better community owning our individual personal confidence.

⁣I've given countless keynotes over my two decades working with women. This one was the most fulfilling all because I didn't get what I expected. Imagine that. For those 800 who were in attendance, they were there first-hand as witnesses and gave me that fulfilling gift.

⁣Sometimes getting something you don't expect is the best, most beautiful thing of all.✌🏾💙🙏🏾

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