Girls Conquer Lloydminster: A Recap

community+giving back confident girls lloydminster news+media speaking Feb 26, 2019

 Confident girls become confident women, and confident women change the world.

Today, I wholeheartedly thank the City of Lloydminster for investing in my message to speak to girls of our community. I also thank the parents open and trusting of me to teach the girls they love.

During the two-in-one evening, I met some of the most insightful girls in my community. The first session was for hand-selected girls taking part in a community initiative. It was a small group, and I lead them through creating a confidence board.  I taught them that no vision board comes true without a confidence board first.

These girls drilled down into lists of gifts, talents, virtues, values to describe the best parts of themselves.  That best part that will create any dream they desire.  They also learned that honestly supportive relationships must have to keep their confidence high.  Priceless for success.

The main event, Girls Conquer, was open to all community girls 9-12.  They came in tentatively but soon warmed up into the energy of the room.  I lead them through the truth of what it takes to create real confidence and courage to build their dreams, and they left with one solid technique to activate their most confident self and one fantastic reminder of how their confidence is in their "hands."

Girls who attended, all I have to say is... "GO!"

Since 1998, I’ve been offering confidence to others in some way shape or form with my vocation, businesses or community involvement.  It’s how I’ve chosen what I give time to, what I offer, it’s how I’ve designed my programs, it’s even in how I choose the speaking engagements I accept. That’s what strong purpose does. It becomes how you make any decision. These girls are a reminder to me that I right on target.

I am blessed. I am fulfilled. I watch lives change every day for the women I mentor, and now 130 girls are different today because of last night.

*breathe Michele* I feel tears welling up....