Women Change The World With Their Confidence [IWD2021]

Have you ever noticed that when you've decided to own your value and your voice, you see others around you start to do it too?
Cool, right? Let me share why that happens.
As one person offers an example to another about what it looks like to claim their uniqueness, set their boundaries, stand up for supportive relationships, step into their gifts and share their Meaningful Outcome, it gives...
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Girls Conquer Lloydminster: A Recap

 Confident girls become confident women, and confident women change the world.

Today, I wholeheartedly thank the City of Lloydminster for investing in my message to speak to girls of our community. I also thank the parents open and trusting of me to teach the girls they love.

During the two-in-one evening, I met some of the most insightful girls in my community. The first session was for...

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