How to Crush Imposter Syndrome & Show Up Confident with Victoria | Podcast Interview

confidence entrepreneurship mindset podcast guest appearance showupconfident Nov 03, 2021

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Excellent achievers can come up against a familiar feeling: not feeling like you belong in the success you've created.

Some believe it comes as "imposter syndrome." I think it comes from something else.
In this guest podcast appearance, I sit down with Victoria from BrandWell Design and share what I know after working with 1000s of women who have these common feelings that steal confidence from entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders at any stage of growth and every stage of life.

These feelings need to be resolved before you take your next step to success and feel fantastic to put yourself in the spotlight.

My favorite MCG nugget by far was:

"Imposter syndrome comes from a disconnection of self."

Then I share what to do to reconnect! That's the key to new confidence!

Listen, learn and let us know what you loved!

Find the full show notes and all about Victoria and her work here: