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corporate women executive presence leadership presence showupconfident speaking workshops Sep 21, 2023

A global private equity firm hired me to empower 50+ women CEOs and C-suite executives all so they can π™Žπ™π™€π™¬ 𝙐π™₯ π˜Ύπ™€π™£π™›π™žπ™™π™šπ™£π™© to lead their companies in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and beyond. 

I traveled to San Francisco with all of my teachings. Little did I know that this chance to speak to women leaders in a new city would be my most expansive personal fall Sabbatical ever.

I spent a day and a half exploring the city before my talk, using it as inspiration for my thoughts and for a type of deep refreshment that I’d never experienced before. On that inner high note, I delivered my teachings in my signature 𝕄ℂ𝔾 way.

The women of this executive group added fuel to the fire already in me! They asked beautifully insightful questions about confidence, being a woman of many roles and practical questions about why it’s so important to tie their confidence to their self-presentation as leaders in male-dominated industries.

Thinking back, these were some top lesson takeaways from my talk:

  • What you wear matters to your mindset and power first and then to the people you lead. (Perfect! They got my biggest point!) 
  • Your inner confidence drives your leadership confidence. People want to follow people who are sure of themselves. (I love that they picked that up.)

  • For some reason, there is this idea that just because you are a woman, you should know how to present yourself - head to toe. And that this is not true. Image confidence is a learned skill, and those who invest in it build an asset that increases their leadership presence. (Oh, I’m so glad they got this one too).

My favorite part is watching women realize that getting dressed is more than putting on clothes, getting a stylist to pull a rack or even “Pinteresting” random color palettes. None of those get you personal brand messaging in the science and psychology of dressing symbolism. Those are only about the "fashion pieces."

I shared that for a woman to increase her corporate executive leadership presence, she needs to turn every way someone experiences in a "clear and confident communication of certainty" because that's what people buy into with you at the helm.

I watched their eyes widen, realizing that what they are told about what to wear to create presence and authenticity is mostly outdated and oversimplified. I experienced their hearts open as we related as women and what it means to have the confidence to work a high-impact career while searching to grow fulfillment in all the roles we play - wife, mom, mother, CEO and everything else. I watched a few sets of eyes fill up with that part of my “teach.” 

Here’s why:

Deep down, we women want it all. A great career, to live our Meaningful Outcome (from Chapter 7 of Show Up Confident), and to love and be loved for our most authentic selves. 

I wanted that for every woman in that boardroom perched in the sky overlooking San Francisco. And I want that for you, too, reading this. 

It starts NOT with what is outside us. It starts with you doing the work in and on you - no matter how many degrees on the wall, how large the paycheck is, or how many teams you run. You, Lady, are the center of it all. It starts with looking in the mirror and knowing the woman looking back is valuable, valued, worthy, unique, “unduplicatable,” irreplaceable, and thoroughly deserving of a fulfilled life beyond her work.

I’m talking to you, My Dear, reading this. Now is your time to show up for yourself first and for everyone after that. 

Here’s to your journey! ✌🏾✨

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