Who's The Lady? : A Re-introduction

aboutmichele personalbranding Mar 11, 2018

Sometimes we get down deep in what we do and who we do it for, that we forget many people may be "meeting" us for the first time on social media or on our website.  

Since I teach my clients how to create a total image with their personal brand, I know it's so important to every now and then re-introduce yourself to the new eyes who are seeing you in the wide world of the internet.

This can be done with a new profile picture, a refreshed bio or even a full post dedicated to sharing what you do for those you serve - with a little bit of personality sprinkled in.

I recently posted an introduction on my Instagram and thought I would post it here too.  Nice to meet you if we haven't met yet - and if we have, I'm happy to catch up with you, Gal!

I’m late on #FridayIntroductions but I’m an Aquarius so I can play by my own rules! ✌🏾So for all who have joined me, welcome! My name is Michele - yes, with one "L".

One of my clients described me as "a life coach who starts with your image." She's totally right. I've been coaching women in their image and more importantly their confidence mindset for over 20 years. I've won awards in sales, yes; in team-building, yes; for mentorship of my clients and my community, yes. But I would say my biggest awards and rewards have been watching the women I mentor transform in their own process of self-discovery. It's true. I work with color. I work with personal style and wardrobe but ask any of my clients and they will tell the  #HueAndStyle life is about so much more than what shirt you're going to wear today.

What would you dare to do if you vanished self-doubt, loved yourself for exactly who you see in the mirror? Today. It's a proven psychological phenomenon that when you see yourself in the mirror standing and presenting in image as the successful version of your future self, your brain moves in that direction. And it works. My clients are change-makers.

I transform mindset. I transform confidence. I transform lives and my women look Fab as a gorgeous by-product!

Besides all that, I’m a wife to The Hubbs for 17 years and a mom to B for 10. I’m a serious foodie, love a good journal to create in and can dance the meanest salsa 💃🏾 ever (just try me😉).

If you've been with me a while - love having you here with me; if you are new to me, "Welcome". #hueandstyle