A Journey To Clear Confidence: Interview With Salimah [PODCAST]

Salimah didn't know that she would gain laser-focused clarity for her whole life (not just her closet) when she started in my Hue and Style® mentorship program.  She only knew she wanted to stand out for her business and to be an example to her family. Salimah shared:
Strong individuals make strong communities. Time will not stand still for anyone. You are worthy right now.
Learn from her how:
  • Confidence prepared her to make whole-life choices that would serve her future.
  • Starting her day with crystal clear intention and putting that intention on her body in her dressing activated her ability to stand out and attract new business-building and money-making opportunities - literally overnight - all from learning how to present herself with clear & confident authenticity.
  • She was able to stay focused on creating a life that represents her peace, joy and happiness (despite the outside challenges of a pandemic.)
Links Mentioned:
Want To Explore More? Take this free workshop: http://bit.ly/whystyleseries
My Book (Show Up Confident): http://www.showupconfident.com/
See others just like you who have mastered my image-confidence process in my mentorship: https://www.hueandstyle.com/clients

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